Chatbots: How Can They Help You Improve Customer Service?

Jun 27,2022 by Janvi Anand
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The corporate sector will be significantly impacted by chatbots—software that you may “talk with.” Although many firms have previously thought about using them for customer support, a chatbot’s internal uses might be extremely useful on a wider scale. Chatbots services, for instance, may support staff in dismantling departmental silos and provide specific data to power each one. Even in organizational systems that struggle with other forms of real-time communication, this digital transition is taking place.

What is the meaning of customer experience?

The customer experience is the overall image of your brand that your consumers have of you during the buyer’s journey. It influences aspects relating to your bottom line, such as revenue, and affects their perception of your brand. People and goods are the two main touchpoints that influence the customer experience. 

Is the product’s performance blowing you away? Are you pleased with the amount of time a customer service representative devoted to you in order to assist you in resolving your issue? These are just a few examples of what goes into making a positive client experience. 

What sets customer service apart from customer experience?

Customer service is only one aspect of the overall customer experience. Customer service, on the other hand, refers to particular touchpoints in the client experience when the customer wants and receives support or help—for example, phoning an operator to request a refund or communicating with a service provider via email.

To put it another way, customer experience is bigger than customer service. It encompasses every interaction a consumer has with your firm, from the first time they learn about you through a Google blog article to the time they phone your customer support staff to complain about your product (and hopefully get a prompt response).

Customer Experience Is Critical

Any business’s long-term success depends on providing exceptional customer service. A pleasant customer experience enhances brand advocacy, loyalty, and retention.

Customers, not vendors, wield power nowadays.

Who bestowed such authority onto them? With the assistance of the internet, we are able to accomplish our goals. Customers have a wealth of alternatives at their disposal, as well as the resources they need to educate themselves and make independent selections. 

This is why providing a memorable experience and making people want to do business with you is so vital – consumers are your finest resource for increasing brand awareness.

So, how can you assess your client experience to see where you’re succeeding and where you can improve? 

Features of chatbots.

With the use of messaging applications, mobile apps, websites, or the phone, chatbots are AI programs that replicate natural language conversations with customers.

The following vital statistics demonstrate the significance of chatbots:

  • They can cut operational expenses by up to 30%.
  • The 24-hour availability of chatbots is cited as the most important advantage by 64% of internet users.
  • 37 percent of individuals utilize a bot to receive prompt responses in an emergency, more than one-third of all users.
  • Eighty percent of common queries may be resolved by chatbots.

There are several advantages that chatbots have to offer. Here are some examples of how you can utilize chatbots to enhance the client experience:

How can Chatbot improve your Customer Experience?

As the number of purchases made through digital channels rises, businesses must offer a seamless experience that allows customers to make quick, comfortable purchases. The use of chatbots is one approach to do this, but how do they assist you to enhance the client experience?

Improves the client experience

Customers may use chatbots to ask questions about your products, solve problems without having to speak to a live online representative, and receive assistance at every point of their experience. For instance, a chatbot may swiftly send customers to the appropriate page by asking them qualifying questions when they first visit your website, such as “What’s your name?” and “What’s your order number?”

Because they can view the data the client has already provided to your chatbot and start the discussion right away, this also assists your agents if their request has to be forwarded to them. You may increase client happiness, trust, and retention by utilizing these self-service options.

Offers real-time, audience-specific personalization

If a consumer wishes to contact one of your customer care teams, they may do so with only a few clicks thanks to chatbots, which also enhance the customer experience. The finest aspect of chatbots, according to 64% of internet users, is a 24-hour service that makes your consumers feel important by being there to respond to their questions whenever they arise.

Chatbots may also automate interesting interactions that still have a personal touch, such as addressing your clients by their first name if someone requests a certain webpage or product. Personalizing your chatbots can help you separate from the competition since it will make your consumers feel more appreciated. Additional gains from this include recurring business, longer visits to your website, and more. Learn more about how personalization increases sales and client loyalty here.

Expands your chatbot’s capabilities by linking it to knowledge bases.

In the age of digital commerce, customers expect a choice of options, a customized experience, and information on the products they’re interested in. Your knowledge base can be connected to a chatbot to do this.

product-based suggestions

Chatbots can improve the user experience by recommending related links to customers who spend a lot of time on one of your product pages. As a result, you have a better chance of making a transaction since your buyers can examine things that are relevant to them rapidly. a capacity for consumer behavior analysis that can help you to improve customer experience (e.g. FAQs or updates)

The ability to automate customer care answers based on keywords is one of the primary features of chatbots. This feature frees up your customer service teams and agents to prioritize and concentrate on the most crucial tasks.

For instance, you may add a preset option of responses to when consumers should anticipate something to be available for less important inquiries about an item by employing keywords of the most frequent requests, such as “when will this be back in stock.”

You may develop bonds with a chatbot that people recognize.

To improve the customer experience even when a customer support worker is not accessible, businesses have implemented chatbots, which communicate updates with consumers in a human-like manner. An illustration of this is provided by the pizza from Dominos, which employs the automated bot “Dom” to automatically apply coupons and inform customers of the greatest price available based on their purchase.

Your clients’ experience will be improved by reducing the amount of time required to place an order from you when you offer the correct coupon at the right time.

Enables regular updates on the customer’s order

When your chatbot and knowledge base are linked, they may communicate progress on consumer orders. Incorporating automation methods from a chatbot gives efficiency to your team and lessens workload by using external information as the initial point of contact.

To further assist customers with their orders, chatbots may then offer a smooth transfer to available agents to either clarify or fix a problem, resulting in a fluid consumer experience from autonomy to human engagement.

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The definitive manual on customer experience and service

Download our comprehensive guide to customer service and experience now that you are aware of all the advantages a chatbot may bring to enhancing your customers’ overall experience so you can always be there for them. You’ll pick up:

What separates experience from customer service

  • How the two relate to one another
  • Ways to enhance customer service
  • How to make the client experience better

Producing leads of excellent quality.

Chatbots learn more about clients and where they are in regard to your business through chats with them, such as whether they are qualified leads or merely interested prospects.

By gathering data on leads and gauging their degree of interest in what you have to offer, chatbots may help you enhance the user experience in this area. When you are aware of their situation, you may provide them with additional business resources that you are confident will meet their demands.

In a Drift poll of B2B professionals from a range of sectors, 54.8% of participants said that employing conversational technologies had increased their flow of high-quality leads.

Gather useful information regarding the performance of your company.

Chatbots may help you produce high-quality leads, but they can also give you vital information about how your company is doing in the eyes of your clients.

You can discover the problems clients encounter by reading their messages. You may use this information to update FAQ pages, product manuals, knowledge bases, or chatbots to answer these queries if you find a pattern of often occurring problems. This will help your consumers have fewer problems.

Additionally, you’ll gain insight into how customers talk about and debate your items, providing you with a better understanding of how they see what you have to offer. Using language that your clients use and can readily connect to will help you personalize your company products.

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Add a personal touch.

By adjusting the dialogue to the customer’s precise needs, chatbots customize the user experience.

With personalization, chatbots may offer clients deals based on their buyer’s journey, propose items based on their questions, and even suggest the best course of action based on their needs.

The Bottom Line

Your business needs will ultimately determine if you use chatbots in your customer experience strategy. If you opt to do this, you’ll probably notice that your support staff can devote more time to urgent concerns, that happy customers quickly discover answers, and that you’ll have a thorough understanding of your audience that will enable you to better serve it.

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