Customer service outsourcing: Its need and importance in the market

Aug 25,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

Whenever we talk about outsourcing, there is this picture of a giant call center with several agents instilled in our minds. Several businesses partner with such customer service outsourcing centers to solve the woes of their end customers. Quite frankly, these services are outsourced to third-party companies because of the availability of affordable labor and the necessary infrastructure. With this norm, a new standard of such customer support outsourcing emerges. 

Customers services are time-consuming, but of utmost importance for businesses. Until customers are happy and delighted about a business, they will not request your services or buy your products. Call centers act as the personal concierge for customers, solving their issues, providing refunds, troubleshooting actions, etc. 

There is a sudden rise in the outsourced customer service model, which is a great thing for companies and call center companies in terms of speed and convenience. Also, it adds complexity and the reputation of your business. 

What is customer service outsourcing?

Nowadays, the product lifecycle doesn’t comprehend its selling to the customers, but it moves to the desk for after-purchase facilities. Customer satisfaction is of humongous importance to the vendors. It entails the reputation of a brand, decides their success rate in the market, and predict its sales figures. 

 This is where customer service comes in. 

Customer service outsourcing is the extending of resourceful and problem-solving services to the end customers and maintaining their trust in the organization. These services can refer to complaints, issues, queries, troubleshooting, etc. 

 It rescues an organization from a business turmoil arising from due to dissatisfied customers. A customer service outsourcing company needs to hold professional experience in such services and domains. 

Factors to consider when outsourcing customer service 

Customer service outsourcing is a preferred resort for big and small companies alike. No matter the genre or size of the business, ensuring customer gratification is of prime importance. 

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 It can make or break a brand. 

So, there are primarily two options, either a company can set up its own customer servicing team, or outsource it to a company adept in similar operations. The latter is a better option for your finances. 

The following are some factors to consider when outsourcing customer service functions. 

  1. Plan budget according to your needs

Every business looks out for cost-efficient services, especially in outsourcing. You need to prepare your budget before approaching any call center company. Initiate a deep analysis and pricing for all the processes and research thoroughly. 

You need to ensure that you’re choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business. Many service providers end up costing more than your business can afford. So, choose wisely. 

  1. Ensure they use the right tools and systems

There is a lot that goes on in such services, including all the modern equipment and tools for better tracking and customer satisfaction. Discuss with them and find out what systems they use, and conclude whether they are versatile enough to handle your outsourcing needs. 

Ensure that all their agents are trained and experienced and can offer your customers with quality solutions. Research about their customer retention rates and prepare a detailed structured analysis. 

  1. The brand reputation 

The market reputation of a customer service company does have some credible importance. A well-known company possesses domain knowledge, necessary certifications, rich clientele, great reviews, and the art of enriching customer experience with contentment and happiness. A good outsourcing partner can do some good for your business as well. 

  1. Dealing with the time zones 

One of the key challenges companies face is dealing with the time zones. Since customer support outsourcing companies mostly reside in the Asian continent, it creates a time zone restriction for parties. However, most of the customer service companies operate 24/7. Ask your preferred company about timeline differences and operations in similar situations. 

  1. Check legal compliance 
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Legal protection and laws differ from country to country. To overcome, you need to study the enforcement of legal protections specific to the outsourced country. Educate yourself about the preservation of client confidentiality agreements and sensitive information regulations. 

What types of customer services can you outsource?

The idea is, outsourcing all the mundane and repetitive tasks to a third-party service provider. 

This will help you to stay focussed on the core objectives and bring in more business for your staff. 

But, the question is what services or tasks can you outsource? 

Should the task sheet include only secondary operations?

Depending on your business requirement, you can outsource accounting, admin, marketing, technology & IT, and human resources operations.

  • Email support: Email maintains a constant channel for communication with your customers. 
  • Live chat support: Such services are mostly dedicated to queries, complaints, and troubleshooting needs, solved through live chat even on social media channels. 
  • Phone support: The result is better customer experience. 

The advantages of outsourcing your customer service needs 

Outsourcing customer support will protect your business from losing loyal customers. A well-coordinated strategy can keep your clients satisfied without putting too much pressure on your employees. 

The following are the best advantages of outsourcing customer service. 

  1. Save money and resources 

Money-saving is like Rule 101 for businesses. Customer service outsourcing can lower operational costs. Outsourcing customer service is ideal for your business as:

  • You can hire skilled workforce at lower costs
  • control your IT costs because you only pay for what you’ll use
  • Focus on other operations
  • Lower maintenance costs
  1. Minimal supervision required 

When you hire a company for outsourcing customer service, you only have to take care of your product, and the rest of the functions will be taken care of by the call center company. With minimal supervision, you can concentrate on your core business goals. The professionals possess the necessary expertise in handling all sorts of customers, and this will be better than hiring any fresh in-house team. Also, it will take the heat off from your administrative staff. 

  1. Easily monitor their performance 
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Customer service outsourcing companies have the right tools and resources to ensure the effectiveness and quality of their services. They use customer analytics and KPIs to measure an employee’s performance and track activities, provide you with data insights for better business growth, propagating a working and successful plan for your business. 

If in case, the company doesn’t perform according to your expectations, you can cancel the contract and look out for other options. 

  1. Attend customers 24/7 

If your business has a global presence, then you need to hire a customer service outsourcing company that can handle worldwide customers at all times, at all costs. Every customer needs fast and convenient support services to solve any issues. If any call goes unattended, it can be disastrous for the reputation of your business. It can affect the overall customer mindset as well. 24/7 support improves the flexibility of your help desk service. 

  1. They handle more than phone calls 

Customer service is more than attending calls over the phone or handling customers through live chat support. A specialized customer engagement agency can evaluate your customers and tailor their services to suit their needs. Call center agents also interact with your customers through email or on social media. 


When searching for a customer service outsourcing company, you need to assess the short-term and long-term goals and create a framework of your daily operations to make sure you are outsourcing the right services. Customer service can be an advantage for your business, only if you hire the right set of people for handling it. 

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