Android Instant Apps- Game Changer for the Mobile App Industry

Aug 19,2021 by Neha Dubey
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Since its appearance in 2016, Android Instant Apps has completely transformed the lives of developers and its users by offering a seamless experience with its great speed and power. It entirely changes the approach of connecting to the users making it convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, it allows businesses to connect to users who don’t have the company’s app installed on their devices.

The incredible features that come with Android Instant Apps increase the reachability and discoverability of the app. Be it YouTube comments, emails, URLs, Social Media Posts, or Google Search results, the app will be discoverable through any location. Its exclusive features help users and an Android app development company demonstrate the full variant of the app solutions before installing them.

What are Android Instant Apps?

Android Instant Apps is one of the latest trends that Android app development companies are following nowadays. The Instant Apps run on the cloud, which brought a potential shift in the world of app designing. The app features can be segregated into separate modules. Although they look like other apps on your phone, the Instant apps are quite different. It is a technology that allows you to use the app without downloading it. It is just like browsing a web page. Using Jelly Bean, Instant Apps can be run on any device.

Instant Apps allow users to explore the app’s code and access its portions with the necessary functionalities. If the user is satisfied after using its features, the whole app can then be installed from Google Play.

Features of Android Instant Apps

In Instant Apps, users are one click away from accessing the app. This feature is good for users who do not intend to keep apps on their mobile devices for long. Therefore, users can save a lot of storage space using Android Instant apps as they can access the app without installation. Businesses like e-commerce are the ones to get benefitted from it the most. It is because the app allows users to experience the products instantly. It eliminates the need to search for apps on a company website or in Google search results. It increases company awareness and encourages users to download apps.

Some exclusive features of Android Instant Apps include:

  • Using the app is as easy as loading the webpage.
  • With Jelly beans, you can use it with any device of your choice.
  • No installation is required to access the apps.
  • Split-screen mode is available to run two apps at the same time.
  • Dynamic battery management is available.
  • Delivers a better user experience.
  • Access the applications anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Users can respond to the messages directly through the panel without going to the mobile app.

One of the advantages of Instant Apps is that they don’t have limitations, so developers can easily add features to their apps such as creating new accounts, purchasing, and others. Also, with Instant apps, developers can deliver a certain section of their app at a particular time.

Benefits of Android Instant App for Mobile Application Development Services

  • Offer better user acquisition- With instant mobile app development, users can click on a Google search result to launch the app. It saves the time and effort required for users to download. It will help Mobile application development services to acquire more users. Through instant apps, a customer can get a better understanding of the features before installing it on their device.
  • More room for creativity- Using an Instant app, the developers can create a ‘lite’ version of any mobile app to offer their users a better experience while offering them the best services using their creative side.
  • Higher conversion rates- It is a known fact that to convert a user into a fully committed customer, the features of the app must be convenient and meet the needs of the user. Those who do not find the app useful or are not much attracted to its features are less likely to turn into customers. But with Android Instant Apps, the chances of disappointment are less as most of the users find the app convenient to use and hassle-free. Using Instant Apps will also help you achieve better conversion rates.
  • Very easy to access and share- There is no point putting all your efforts into creating a product and not being able to share it. But with instant apps, you will not face any difficulty in sharing the app. It even allows you to share any specific page over different social media platforms giving you a chance to get new audiences.
  • Provides better user experience- When it comes to mobile apps, users always look for flexibility and great functionality. With Android Instant Apps, you are sure to get both of these features. E-commerce businesses can gain numerous benefits using Instant apps as it makes the shopping experience hassle-free and seamless for the users.
  • Improved User Retention – There are many different apps and mobile websites available for users to choose from, especially in e-commerce stores. But with native apps, brands often face problems with customer building since users can only access the services or see the products after app installation. But it is not the case with Instant apps. Since users can already see the product without installing it on their device, it helps in building faith among the user and the mobile application development services, making the users download the app.

Tools needed to build Android Instant apps

It is very important to understand that Android Instant apps only run on devices that have version Android 6 or higher. To build an android instant app successfully, you will require some tools. It includes:

  1. Android Studio
  2. Android SDK 6.0+
  3. Android SDK Build Tools 26.x or above.
  4. JDK 1.8
  5. Android Tools 25.x or above
  6. Android SDK platform-tools 25.x or above
  7. Gradle 4.0

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If you want instant results from your app, Android Instant apps are the game-changer. It is one such trend you must try your hands on if you wish to give your users effective results and reliable mobile application development services. You can also use its amazing features to upgrade your existing app.

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