10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Mobile Application Development in 2020

Jan 20,2020 by Parul Singh

As we embark on a new decade in 2020, we realize how mobile devices have revolutionized the life of an average consumer. From booking a movie show, scheduling a cab ride, watching videos to ordering food and sharing content, there’s nothing our mobiles cannot do for us. Mobile applications play a pivotal role here- companies are deploying mobile application development platforms like Xamarin, PhoneGap and Telerik to develop apps for all kinds of specialized tasks. No wonder, the number of mobile application development services continue to rise unabated in 2020.

With new apps emerging now and then, the mobile application development industry has metamorphosed into a ruthlessly competitive space. Unless you create something that’s really innovative, there’re high chances of your application fading into oblivion.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some creative app ideas that you can implement to improve your mobile application development in 2020. So let’s dive in.

1) Vehicle Servicing App

Every vehicle owner would agree that getting your vehicle serviced is often a pain. A vehicle servicing application that connects vehicle owners with reputable servicing providers would not only help consumers save time and efforts but also open a large market for the service providers, creating a win-win for both the parties.

The platform can have a built-in inventory management system that reduces lead time, allocates inventory efficaciously and facilitates door-step pick up and drop.

2) Disaster Management App

While a natural disaster cannot be possibly prevented, we can certainly mitigate its impact. In wake of how global climate changes have made such disasters all the more frequent, a disaster management application is a must for people in any part of the globe.

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A disaster management app can help in many ways: it can advise users on how to prepare for a disaster, alert about an incoming hazard, monitor the hazard in real-time, help plan evacuation and track user location allowing others to locate him better.

Apps such as Disaster alert, Earthquake Alert and Nextdoor have proved to be immensely helpful in disaster preparedness.

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3) Virtual Try-on App (Glasses, Apparel, Watches, Jewelry)

Virtual try on apps are real-world applications of augmented reality that can help consumers try different clothes, glass frames, watches or even jewelry at the tap of a finger eradicating the need to rush to the nearest outlet. Retail brands can deploy a mobile app development company in USA to build try-on apps that assist customers in selecting the product of their choice in the minimum time.

4) Food Donation App

That tons of cooked food goes waste every single day is a well-established fact. A food donation app can be a wise initiative in this direction. These apps can notify restaurant owners and individuals of nearby charities that can deliver surplus food to wherever there’s a shortage. This can go a long way in preventing wastage of food.

Food donation apps like Food Rescue Hero, Goodr and Feedie have captured the interest of users and mobile application development companies alike and similar apps are expected to spin up in the days to come.

4) Safety App

Safety apps can immensely helpful to women, girls or any other individual in distress. The user can create a network of family and friends who can trace him/her through GPS. The user can also set up an emergency alarm that can be activated in times of distress. They can also record and send audio and video directly through the app.

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5) Mental Health App

Mental health apps can be a boon for people who do not actively seek professional help for mental health issues. Such apps not only connect the patient with the right support network but also employ proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) for a range of ailments such as depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In addition to this, these apps allow users to remain anonymous and, are, therefore an apt space for individuals who are hesitant to admit their ailments out of the fear of stigmatization.

6) Parking App

An innovative idea for any mobile application development company, a parking app can be immensely helpful for vehicle owners that have trouble finding parking space in new localities or neighborhood. The user can search for the availability of parking space in any given locality or street.

The app will deploy GPS, webcams and parking data to find the parking space. And if space is available, the user gets the option of booking it online instantly.

7) Restaurant Booking App

When reserving a table in their favorite restaurant, users usually don’t get the location of their choice. With a graphical booking app, users will be able to get a map view of the inside of the restaurant to identify which seats are available and book the table of their choice instantly for a specified period of time.

8) Interior Designing App

Mobile app development firms can deploy augmented reality tools to develop an interior designing app that will take pictures of the room or the space you want to decorate and allow you to place three-dimensional models of the items you wish to place in the room. All this will help you visualize your virtual room with different design options. The user will also have the option of buying these items directly from the app.

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9) Complaint Registration App

We face an array of problems in our day-to-day life but don’t know where to complain. A compliant registration app will help users connect directly with government authorities allowing them to duly register complaints on issues that affect their everyday lives. These issues may be related to garbage disposal, erratic power supply or maintenance of roads.

10) Notices App

Schools often face difficulty in communicating updates about key events to parents. With a specialized notices app in place, school authorities can notify these parents about homework, exams, holidays as well as other upcoming events. Parents and teachers can also share documents, photos and videos related to their children.

So, these are some creative ideas on mobile application development in 2020 that you can implement to stay ahead of the digital curve and gain a competitive advantage. In case you are seeking to outsource mobile application development services, connect with our technology experts today. Thanks for reading.

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