Why Synergy between a Website Developer and a Hosting Partner means a lot?

Jun 08,2021 by Parul Singh

Dream of any online business – an appealing website that instantly catches users’ eye. They visit in droves, make purchases, and share their awesome experience with others resulting in booming business. We do come across such websites that seem to be running successfully as the dream. But how?

A seamless and glitch-free website is the result of the combined effort of website designer, website developer and hosting partner. This article will help you understand why it is important to ensure utmost synergy between them.

Website – Design to development to hosting

Let us first realise that building an impressive website is no easy feat by any means. It involves a range of complexities right from the inception to the very end. And the hurdles do not end at the design and development stage. In order to publish your website on the internet (and become visible to web users), you need to have something extra – a reliable web hosting service.

If you are wondering what web hosting is, let me explain. You have files, images, and HTML code that make up your website. These files need some space in the online world, or else they would just remain stored on your PC and your business won’t get off the ground.

A web hosting service offers space on a powerful computer (web server) where you can store the files needed for your website to run properly. When an internet user types in your domain name (website address), his browser makes a request to this web server, and your site becomes visible to him.

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So, long story short, your work doesn’t stop with getting a website built. You need a robust hosting solution to make it visible to users.

Having said that, you don’t need any fancy hosting plans for your business as a beginner. Even a simple shared hosting plan will serve the purpose. If you are based out of India, you can buy a decent shared hosting service for as low as INR 150/month.

As your website grows more complex and heavier with time (as most sites do), you can go ahead and upgrade to a premium hosting plan later.

To get a better understanding on choosing the right hosting solution,watch out our video:

But your work doesn’t end even with the purchase of a hosting solution. If your website has a wide range of functionalities, stores a massive amount of customer data, or caters to a wide range of geographies, there is so much extra you will need to do to your site.

You will have to fine-tune your security settings and set up SSL. You will have to optimise for SEO, set up web analytics, set up Google Webmaster tools, monitor your site’s uptime, speed and search engine rankings. If that sounds like a lot of work, it actually is.

So, you can either handle all these activities on your own or outsource them to a well-established web development company.In the former case, you will have to hire resources to get the work done, each resource managing one or more aspects of your site.

In the latter, a full-fledged technology company will handle everything on your behalf. They will not just launch, run, and maintain your website, but also take care of the IT needs that arise at any point in time.

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So, the exercise of finalizing a web development company and a hosting company must be done simultaneously. Your hosting partner should be able to support every functionality that you have asked your web development partner to add to your website. These features may include a search bar, navigation bar, CTA buttons, images, videos, live chat, social media icons, contact form, internal links, FAQs and so on.

Alternately, you can opt for a company that offers several different services combined in one package i.e., design, development, support and maintenance, hosting, security, SEO, and many more, all of which are crucial for the seamless functioning of your website.

This will not only do away with the hassle of hiring many different service providers but also ensure consistency in the quality of services delivered.

After all, a company that has designed your website will instantly understand what to tweak in order to improve search engine optimisation. Or, a company that has developed your webpages will have an idea of the security settings you need to implement. Cyfuture is one such company.

At Cyfuture, we offer the whole gamut of technology solutions to help you operate your website in the most convenient manner. As a matter of fact, we are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to build and run your online business, be it web design, development or maintenance, data migration, CMS integration, third-party integration, web hosting, digital marketing, and much more.

We spin up websites that are not only responsive in nature but also compliant with the latest industry standards. Our team of technical experts offers round-the-clock support and maintenance in addition to regular backups that make sure you face no issues with your website once it gets up and running.

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Thanks to our tier-III data centre facilities equipped with the latest hardware and software, we also deliver powerful hosting solutions that fuel your site with adequate processing power, RAM, bandwidth, and storage. We are also adept at crafting omni-channel digital marketing strategies that include SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and online PR to assist you in building your brand and reinforcing your digital footprint.

So, you see, our solutions can not only enable you to build an impressive website from the ground up in a matter of a few weeks but also ward off issues arising at any point in time. Because our services are carefully customized, they cater to your precise needs and address your key pain areas.

Visit our page for a more in-depth understanding of the solutions we offer.




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