Why Call Center Outsourcing is an Imperative Asset for Businesses

Jul 22,2019 by Shashvat Vats
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In a world where businesses are trying hard to stand on their feet – where competition is so stiff that even a minute deviation from objectives can turn the tables, the essentiality of call center services is unavoidable.

Why do businesses need call center services?

How does a call center help your organization grow?

Actually, call centers are proving their mettle by offering an astounding level of assistance in every sector of business.

Right from the e-commerce industry to the IT sector to media houses and government organizations, call centers are showing their significance everywhere.

The Need for Call Center Outsourcing – An overview

When we talk about call centers, a typical image of an office space where hundreds of calling agents are sitting and continuously conversing comes to our mind.

This is only 20% of what all call centers are all about.

The story of call centers starts from the early 90s when the IT sector witnessed a phenomenal boom and western companies, in their relentless quest to acquire higher efficiency without spending a huge sum, started delegating their business functions.

The destinations were the ‘third world nations’ where labor costs were cheap, which ultimately trims the operational overhead. Slowly, more and more companies began to outsource their tasks.

India, China, Malaysia, etc. are some of the promising outsourcing destinations in the world.

By the end of the 1990s, outsourcing of IT related tasks become essential for businesses.

In fact, the long list of benefits that outsourcing brings along with it is what attracts most of the business owners across the globe.

Apart from cost-effectiveness, call center outsourcing also helps businesses to focus on their core competencies, get direct access to a much more competent team, and experience higher returns.

With these big advantages, IT companies adopted outsourcing as their primary business extension in the early 2000s.

However, call center outsourcing was never meant to be strung within a couple of business industries.

As the boom of digitalization grasped pace, call center services extended their scope to a much wider spectrum of industries.

The rejuvenation of call center services

Digitalization has completely revolutionized the business style of every sector.

With e-commerce sector now expanding at an exponential rate, the essentiality of prodigious customer service becomes a must-have for every business.

Every business in any sector now wishes to deliver unparalleled customer experience. Why?

Because stupendous customer service has become the USP of all businesses.

This is where call center services fit in.

With the increasing emphasis on customer service, call centers across the globe are now focusing more on delivering an unmatched experience through their service.

And it’s not just through a phone call that agents are satiating customers, but also through different mediums, thanks to hi-tech tools and platforms that have emerged recently.

For instance, companies are contracting with leading call centers in India, Philippines and Malaysia etc. to avail impeccable but cheap chat support.

With the internet now harboring 80% of businesses across industries, the kind of experience your customers have on the website matters remarkably.

So, call center outsourcing companies have now trained professionals who are experts in providing instantaneous response to customers’ queries when the latter visits the website.

Several researchers have found that when a customer experiences sublime service while exploring the website, the chance of making a purchase increases splendidly.

In addition to this, call center agents are also playing a crucial role in helping startups to expand their business.

With outbound support in lead generation, market research, telemarketing, and survey collection, call centers are offering an affordable way for the new business owners to stretch their legs without putting a burden on their pockets.

Along with this, for SMBs (small and medium businesses), call center services has emerged as a savior. These organizations are generally small in size and usually, have limited resources to spend.

In this situation, extraneous business tasks like hiring & training of employees, accounting, payroll processing, and phone answering are duly undertaken by call centers.

This helps SMBs to not just save their expense but also get access to an already trained team, which will streamline their business tasks smoothly.

Along with this, there are other tasks like content creation, designing, app development, maintenance, etc. that are also included in the portfolio of call center services.

These are the tasks that are now delivered by modern call centers or contact centers. So, call center services have a wide spectrum of services to offer to businesses today.

Companies are availing these services from third-party companies because they know call center services have become an essential mantra for success in today’s cut-throat competition.

Final Words

So, the next time someone asks you why call center services are such a hit amongst businesses, remember the list of benefits it offers.

Call centers have become an extension of businesses to not just provide A-Okay customer service but also to:

  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Increase Organizational Productivity
  • Raise better ROI
  • Have superior expansion
  • Smooth functioning
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Be technologically sound
  • Get access to state-of-art infrastructure

It won’t be wrong to state that in the coming years, outsourcing is going to become more prevalent. With globalization becoming more and more prevalent, the idea of remote working is picking up the pace.

Call center outsourcing is a Utopia for freelancers. People who have high skills in a specific domain are now providing consulting services to big and small organizations, making outsourcing a much wider concept than before.

Hence, outsourcing is and will be an imperative asset for businesses of all sectors. What are your thoughts?

Do you think outsourcing is worth all the hype or do you consider it as an avoidable strategy without which also businesses can grow and become successful?

Share your opinion. Thanks, readers!

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