7 Reasons Why BPaaS is Necessary for Your Organization

Aug 05,2019 by Prachi Priya

Is traditional outsourcing methods not delivering an adequate response to your business? Decreasing budgets and increasing project failures is a big concern! What is the way to go? Well, it’s non-other than Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

Defining BPaaS:

BPaaS is the process of delivering outsourcing services sourced from a cloud-based structure that aims multitenancy where software running on a server delivers services to multiple occupants. These services are automated, and there is no obligation to have a team of professionals present practically at the business service.

As BPaaS works depending on a cloud-based model that gains access through an internet-based technology, your business saves itself from useless expenses over hiring labor and wasting time too.

Whether you wish to outsource your customer service, sales operations, HR functions or any other process, BPaaS helps your business deliver astounding results everywhere.

Earlier, businesses emphasized on hiring and training a team of in-house agents to deliver appropriate results. However, this task was a continuous process and demanded a lot of time and money.

When a company involves itself into hiring and training continuously, it somewhere lacks the time to give on strategic business development tasks, which is a drawback diminishing qualitative outcomes for the organization. Wasting unnecessary time on non-productive functions can be the reason of downfall for the business and therefore companies need to avoid the same.

BPaaS helps to automate business solutions and makes it feasible for the agents to work on particular operations through cloud-based software accessible through the internet. This way business ensures better deliveries as experts operate the business functions virtually, saving time for the business to focus on other core aspects.

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Here we team up the benefits of BPaaS and the reason you need to integrate its service in your business operations:

Cost benefits

BPaaS offering services through a cloud-based platform saves operational expenses for your business making it the primary reasons why organizations choose its service.

Since the BPaaS model handles the business software and hardware service based on a cloud system, the IT costs reduce automatically.

It helps the business in dealing with upfront costs and reduces expenditures over developing an in-house infrastructure that demands huge capital investment.


BPaaS increases business efficiency as it progresses depending on the markets’ improved agility, analytics, and automation.

Using the model, you can enhance your time-to-market. However, by performing the same function in-house, it demands more time and efforts compromising even on receiving high capabilities.

So, isn’t it a better idea to opt a cloud-based BPaaS?

Brings the business focus on core functions

Amid numerous tasks coming in rapidly, companies at times lose focus on core functions. At the cost of central functions, businesses cannot succeed for long.

Moving on, even if a business succeeds, it has to deal with limited expertise at some time. This limitation is not an issue with BPaaS model, as it automatically shifts the business focus from time-consuming and other unnecessary actions to services that can bring business value.

Automated functions with BPaaS execution save the business time and possibilities of error too. It makes all processes secure for your organization shaping it into a successful method to opt.

The use of a cloud-based technology

Using manual services, your business does not enjoy the same flexibility and efficiency as BPaaS. Having a cloud-based model at work, the infrastructural expenses and other operational costs are limited.

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The service allows your business to get access to cloud software that is accessible with an internet connection and provides the best technology for every in-house department.

Earlier with limited technology usage, business process services were more about manual tasks where repetitive functions increased the time-to-market and risk possibilities were more too.

However, after the introduction of a cloud-based model, businesses received infrastructural and technological cost cuttings with efficient service deliveries.

Availability of expertise

Making skilled professionals available in-house can cost huge bucks to the business. Moreover, there is un-assurance over the hired resource, if it matches the business expectations or not. Therefore, it’s better to choose an outsourcing model like BPaaS.

As the business process as a service makes a pool of experts available over a cloud format for your business, it saves time and is even cost-effective. The model also eliminates the possibility of failure.

BPaaS service providers look into services like HR, IT, sales and customer support. Every organization can use the latest technology and expertise for its business development with BPaaS in use.

The perks of time-zone

The best advantage of BPaaS is that it eradicates the time and location issues.

Integrating BPaaS in your business model, you are capable to deliver 24X7 service, as a cloud-based model available over the internet is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Minimal business threats

Bringing new technologies in use, businesses feel an increased possibility of a threat to their data with other possible risks.

However, with a BPaaS service, these dangers become minimum because a team of skilled agents is available at service.

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