8 Great Chatbot Examples you can Draw Inspiration from in 2021

Jul 23,2021 by Parul Singh

In this day and age, when every business on the planet endeavours to deliver exceptional customer service, the demand for virtual assistants or chatbots has risen steadily. Advanced chatbot solutions are helping organisations automate processes like lead generation and customer service and minimise the need for hiring human agents.

Across the globe, businesses are increasingly availing of chatbot services. But only a few of them have been able to come up with outstanding chatbot solutions that leave their customers with a ‘wow’ feeling and help them attain the desired outcomes.

In this blog, we will talk about some such exceptional chatbots. So, let’s begin.

1) Duolingo

Learning a new language isn’t an easy feat. What is especially challenging is that you don’t usually get native speakers to practice with. To tackle the problem, Duolingo has launched an AI-powered chatbot app.

It is one of the most popular language learning chatbot apps with powerful AI-ML algorithms. The app understands the context and learning level of the user and, accordingly, assists him with learning. As a result, different users get different responses for a given query.

The most striking benefit of this chatbot app is that a user can have adequate practice before he communicates with a fluent speaker of any language. This way, he makes fewer mistakes and doesn’t feel as embarrassed during communication.

Initially launched in just 4 languages-English, French, Spanish and German-the bot is now available in 23 languages.

2) Expedia

An online travel agency, Expedia.com can be used to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, cab bookings and vacation packages. Its Facebook Messenger bot, however, is programmed for hotel searches and bookings only.

All a user needs to do is to open his Facebook Messenger, tell the chatbot a little about his travel plan. Once it has gathered sufficient information, the chatbot will display the five most popular hotel options in the given location. If the user clicks on any of the suggested hotels, he will be directed to Expedia’s website. On the website, the user can make a booking directly. And once the book is done, the user gets a message on his Messenger interface with a link to his itinerary.

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3)  Sephora

If you are a make-up enthusiast who needs make-up tips designed especially for you, give Sephora chatbot a try. This powerful bot on Facebook Messenger makes everything as simple as possible for a given user.

Thanks to the chatbot, you can get tips, product recommendations, and other useful information delivered directly to you. You can even book appointments, browse new products, and try on make-up through its AR filters without leaving the Messenger chat.

The chatbot first takes a quiz in order to comprehend a user’s needs. This way, it can know its target audience better and serve what they are looking for.

Sephora is a highly intuitive and easy to use solution that’s incredibly popular among its users. It attracts even those users that are merely interested in interacting with the bot, not buying anything. When at a Sephora store, users can bypass a sales associate and interact directly with the bot.

4) Bank of America’s Erica

Bank of America has designed an AI-driven financial assistant-Erica. The bot is available for free within their mobile banking app to the bank’s customers.

Erica combines Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics and natural language processing to help customers access balance information, transfer funds between accounts, view past transactions, get credit scores, and schedule meetings at financial centers. Users get plenty of options for interacting with Erica-voice commands, text, or tapping options on their app interface.

The chatbot can also integrate with the bank’s spending and budgeting tools and connect with agents’ consoles in call centers. So, when using Erica, users can get in touch with a human agent by means of a simple tap. And since the agent can view the user’s communication with Erica, he doesn’t need to explain the issue he wants to get resolved.

The bot is a huge hit among Bank of America’s customers; so far, it has crossed 7 million users and completed over 50 million transactions.

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5) HelloFresh’s Freddy

Unable to decide what to have for dinner? Ask Freddy, HelloFresh’s Facebook Messenger chatbot to help you with your ordering choices.

If a user types in an ingredient or a dish, Freddy searches HelloFresh’s blog for suitable recipes. And if you have ordered a meal, the bot sends you a reminder when it’s time to pick up your meal.

Though a button-based chatbot, Freddy understands keywords related to food. It offers options in the form of buttons to connect the user with customer service agents whenever he requests so. At times, the bot entertains the users with food-related quizzes and riddles.

The chatbot was created with an intent to manage the high volume of messages HelloFresh used to receive on its Messenger platform. Owing to Freddy’s AI capabilities, the company has been able to trim down their response time by 76%, all while reporting a 47% rise in incoming messages.

6) Domino’s Dom

Don’t feel like cooking? Order your food without making even a single phone call. We are talking about Domino’s pizza ordering assistant Dom.

While we have too many examples of food ordering bots in the industry, this one stands out, simply because it makes the task of ordering a pizza far too convenient. You choose what you want, type in your address, and you are done.

A large percentage of chatbots fail to live up to expectations merely because too much is asked of them. Domino’s bot is different. It has just one job and it does it well.

And the best thing about the bot is that it is available on many different platforms- Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, you can order from the device of your choice.

In addition, the bot remembers your order history, so you can reorder if you want. The bot tracks your order and also estimates when it will be delivered.

7) Mya

Another powerful chatbot on the list is Mya, an AI-enabled recruitment assistant. It leverages machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the recruitment process. The bot engages both active and passive candidates by means of natural, dynamic conversations. This kind of solution is a must for organisations that receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis.

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Companies such as L’Oréal are using Mya to slash the workload of their human resource department. The bot helps the company filter out promising candidates. It asks the candidates a few questions, verifies their qualifications and answers queries related to company culture, policy and benefits.

Once this is done, an HR professional from the company reaches out to the candidate and informs him whether they will go ahead with the subsequent rounds. This way, more than 75% of the hiring process gets automated.

8) Woebot

Founded in 2017 by a team of Stanford psychologists and AI experts, Woebot is a virtual therapist that helps people monitor their moods and learn about themselves. Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the bot asks the users how they are feeling in daily brief conversations that don’t last longer than 10 minutes.

The bot stores all the data from the previous conversations; this data is used as a reference in all subsequent interactions to provide specific responses. Woebot addresses the mental health needs of the users by keeping a track of their moods and sharing videos and other tools on the chat if required.

The chatbot isn’t meant to replace human therapists. It, however, is a decent option for those who don’t have access to mental healthcare or don’t feel like visiting a therapist.

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