5 Best Google Plugins for Your WordPress Site

May 01,2020 by Admin
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There is no doubt that Google rules the digital ecosystem and plays a decisive role in determining the ideal standards for the internet ecosystem. Right from user-friendly features for a website to the search engine optimizations and website design- none of the key aspects of a website is decided without considering the latest Google’s algorithms or guidelines. So, if your blog is not Google friendly then achieving even average success would be extremely difficult if not outright impossible. In this blog we are going to present a list of various Google plugins that allow you to make your blog Google-friendly and at the same time help you in your daily operations by using Google services:

Google XML Sitemap

Sitemaps facilitate the navigations task of search engine crawlers and enable them to identify the key content you webpage that venally helps your site get better indexed. XML sitemaps deliver all the key info about a specific website including link relevance, latest details, etc. Google XML sitemap does this task expertly and automatically creates the XML file thus relieving you from any manual effort.

The XML sitemap has been evolving and adding to its capabilities since its inception that that has allowed it to earn the worldwide popularity and a large number of loyal users. Moreover, the simple interface offers it a beginner-friendly appeal.

Data processing and analytics play a vital role in understanding the potential of your site and patching the performance gaps. Google Analytics is a purpose-built sophisticated tool for data processing and analysis.

It provides you the valuable actionable insights that can help you build a reliable online marketing strategy or improve the existing one. Now you can seamlessly integrate the Google plugins into your WordPress and enjoy all the features right from your WordPress admin area.

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WP Google Maps

Google maps packs lots of geographical information and stats that can be used in diverse ways. The Google map API facilitates map integrations right into any website or application. Marking your desired location on the map is quick and easy and the specific rebuilt layer functions help you to focus only on business-relevant factors. You can seamlessly integrate Google maps services to your WP website using WP Google maps plug-in.

Easy Google Fonts

 Tidy and unique presentation invites more readers to explore your content and easy Google fonts allow you to present your content in a unique and legible style. Whether you are a blogger or an e-commerce entrepreneur the priority is to attract visitors to your site content and that is why the easy Google fonts are universally beneficial for any website owners regardless of their business or purpose.

Google AdSense

AdSense WordPress plugin

AdSense is a competent strategies/advertising program of Google that displays ads to the targeted audiences either in multiple forms like text, videos, banners, etc. The site owners can use the ad link to earn decent revenue.

 With the help of Google Ad-sense plug-in you can instantly add the ads using an automated drag and drop process through a simple interface. Thus it relieves you from the tedious job of manual insertion of snippets.

You Tube Embed Plug-in

Video contends boosts the overall impact of your blog and keep the readers engaged. YouTube is arguably the best video publisher available on the web today and most of the top bloggers, strategically, add YouTube video snippets to their blogs to enhance their appeal.

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While WordPress offers automatic YouTube embedding features requiring you to just place the video URL at the desired place in your blog, you still need a plug-in for interactive video alignments well as making a personalized playlist gallery. WordPress Google Plug-in is the precise plug-in for the task which combines simplicity with efficiency and delivers outstanding outcomes with the minimum efforts.

Google for WordPress

 If you wish to gain access to all the Google services using a single plug-in then Google plug-in is the best option for you. It saves you from the need to use multiple plugins for specific Google services as this plug-in contains diverse Google services.

Each service has a separate dedicated module and each module inactivated on request. It relieves you from the worries of overconsumption of resources like RAM, CPU, etc. that can adversely affect the site performance.

 The plug-in supports as many as 13 modules Google+, Google Analytics, Google Authenticator, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Fonts, Google Groups, Google Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Panoramic, Google reCAPTCHA, Google Translate, Google Youtube.

Each module can be accessed separately and you can also access their related features like badges, functionalities, and widgets.


You need to ensure that your blog perfectly aligns with the best Google guidelines and the latest algorithms to achieve success. In this blog, we have presented a list of Google apps for your WordPress blog so that you can confidently take care of various aspects and optimize your blog to make it Google-friendly. You can pick the required plug-in depending upon your needs and budget.

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