M-learning apps: Benefits And Ideas For The Top App Development Companies

Oct 14,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

There was a time when education meant a classroom curriculum. Students had to rely on such setup for knowledge and learning. That information and the ones written in textbooks were the only way they could know about a topic.  

But now, times have changed. Students no longer have to rely on bookish knowledge. Rather, they focus on the practicality of the concept. 

Thanks to technological innovations and marvels, students are learning better than before. With this said, beyond any doubt, conventional ways of learning are getting replaced with online educational platforms, which is not a bad thing, but the need of the hour. This is where an app development company can tap on the nerve of such a growing market.

Why are mobile apps for education a necessity today?

The digital era has changed each one of us.

The 21st century is the age of mobile apps, trends, technologies, and digitalization, bringing in a change in the education sector. The widespread use of the internet has made it easy for parents and students to access information and knowledge in an easy and hassle-free manner. 

m-learning apps have made classroom learning more engaging and fun for students. 

However, the real question is, do we really need such educational apps for students?

Are education apps more of a tech innovation or a necessity?

The m-learning industry has grown unprecedently in the last two decades, and it continues to grow, making education accessible and improved while catering to the requirement of the students of all age groups. 

Prominently, there are uncountable advantages and importance of mobile learning apps for students and school management. It includes:

It is student-friendly:

Today’s generation is all about using a mobile phone for an uncalculated amount of time. 

So, the mobile education app makes sense for the millennial and Gen-Z crowd. Since children already love using mobile apps for shopping, entertainment, or gaming, getting them accustomed to the learning-based apps won’t be a hard trick. With e-learning apps, students can indulge in interactive activities and tests, making learning and teaching an interesting approach for them. 

Make studying interactive:

The current pandemic situation has already halted the communion of schools and colleges. With the lack of the primary source of knowledge, i.e., m-learning apps provide a tremendous opportunity for students to learn and grow while making ideal use of their time. Several schools and colleges have partnered with these e-learning apps to make up for the lost time of classroom studies. Also, since these apps consider the age of a child, the teaching process is easy to understand. 

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All in all, education apps enhance the interaction between parents and teachers. Technologies like Alexa offer better engagement and productive solutions to the students. In reality, Alexa helps in saving more time and money than actually spending on classroom education. Moreover, students are more comfortable learning new concepts without fear, unlike in the traditional setup. New technologies do give freedom to students, allowing them to bake conceptual and innovative ideas, post-session. 

24/7 availability:

Unlike classroom study programs, mobile education apps are available anytime and anywhere. All you need is a strong internet connection and a smartphone or any other device, and you can access all the content and clear all your doubts in due time. Moreover, these apps can run on phones; you can practically take them with you wherever you go, meaning these apps are scalable and portable. Such mobile help students ace their curriculum and study at the comfort of their preferred location. Moreover, you can carry m-learning apps anywhere you want. 

Systematic learning methodology:

Education apps make students more active and well-informed. They enable two things together; smart and systematic learning. The content on an m-learning app elevates a student’s desire to learn new and more things, systematically and interactively. 

A high-end education app allows students to follow a smooth and logical chapter flow without making too much of a fuss. Sections are taught in a way to cover all the details and information, forwarding knowledge in a hassle-free manner. 

Cover gaps in the traditional educational setup: 

Advancement in technology has helped solve the gaps in the present classroom education system. Although nothing can replace the impact classroom education has on the human brain, m-learning apps do fill in the gaps prevalent in the sector. 

In desperate times like today, m-learning apps built by an app development company provide a platform for students to continue their education without losing the school year under the lack of classroom education setup. So, such apps are of predominant importance in the current scenario. 

The top m-learning app development ideas 

Modern education, when combined with a mobile application, can do wonders for the educational sector, especially those students living in remote and secluded areas who cannot access modern classroom education platforms or indulge with teachers to educate them in the right and proper manner. 

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For the best app development companies, the following are some modern ideas for developing the next m-learning app. 

AR-based apps:

Augmented reality is all about creating an interactive experience for students and explaining them the concepts on a deeper level. With AR, students can conduct real-time experiments, improving their knowledge, and understanding about a topic. AR helps students to elaborate on chapters concerning the solar system, the universe, the human body, and other things that cannot be touched. 

So, developers can explore this avenue, code AR-based apps for education, and interest students in an engaging learning experience. 

VR-based apps:

Virtual reality doesn’t just improve your gaming experience. With VR, students can receive a broader insight into the topic, study it to its core, indulge in real-time analysis, and visualize the concept instead of theoretically mugging it up. If students have a clearer insight into any topic, they will be prone to reciprocation, research about the same, and apply it in a real-time scenario.

Vocabulary based apps:

While you might think there are several vocabulary-based apps on the Play Store and App Store, you can enable voice search and phrase search into the coded apps. Many-a-times, students what to know a specific word for a phrase or an idiom, and finding it online can be a tedious task. So, vocabulary-based apps can cater to the English standard of a particular region or country to which the user belongs and help in improving it. Since you can download such apps on your smartphones, they can serve as a dictionary-on-the-go. 

eBooks apps:

Imbibing the art of reading books in children is the best way to help them communicate the language. Also, reading books is a great hobby. With this, students can study using e-books, and they never have to carry or buy one. Moreover, such apps serve the purpose of books-on-the-go for students. Whenever they want to read anything, they can open an app and start reading books on their devices. 

Digital tutor apps:

Some students find it hard to study by themselves. And that is not a bad thing. Apps that provide on-demand tuitions to students will allow parents and children to find highly-qualified teachers for any subject around the world. A personal tutor app can help students focus on their studies, discuss their doubts with someone who is qualified, and ensure a consistent and reliable information source. Also, parents will no longer have to worry about their kid’s education since a digital tutor app will cater to all their educational needs. 

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Apps for challenging students:

Not all students can be attended and understood with a digital tutor app. Some of them have special needs and requirements. As an app development company, you can design and code an app for students suffering from disabilities, helping them to excel. Since not all students can go to school, such all app can help bring the school curriculum to them. With such apps, students can gain knowledge with ease, attend classes online, communicate with teachers adept in handling their requirements, and indulge in a learning experience. 

Education quiz apps:

Although you might feel there are several quiz apps, none of them caters to the specific needs of a student belonging to a particular class. As one of the best app development companies, you can code an app that considers the class standard of a student, prepares a quiz for them based on their selected level and topic, and improve their knowledge about it. Since children love quizzes, such apps can make sure that they have fun while learning something meaningful in the process.

You can use flashcards, reward points, and bonuses to attract students and make them feel competitive. App development companies can personalize the app to make it suitable for every student. 

Launch a mobile app development revolution with an m-learning app

m-learning apps are doing so well in the market because of just one reason: they have become a necessity, no longer a luxury. There was a time when parents could decide whether they want their kids to study online on smartphones, but since most of the schools and colleges shut their doors due to the pandemic, such apps have become a ray of sunshine for their ward’s career. Almost every school and college are partnering now with an app to make education more accessible to their student. 

As an app development company, you can explore the prospect and built an app that solves the pain points of students and parents. The market reception is positive and opportunistic for such m-learning app ideas.

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