Why are Asp.Net Development Companies using .Net Core for Enterprise Apps?

Dec 20,2019 by Admin

.Net core as an open-source platform helps development companies to build more apps for free

Asp.net developers are able to create unique applications using programming languages like F#, C, or Visual Basic. Apart from availability of different languages, asp.net core also provides multiple libraries and editors that developers can use for making apps, games for desktop and mobile. As technology is getting more advanced, more applications are being developed by experts. It would not be shocking if we tell companies are already making enterprise apps for businesses to boost their sales and profits.

More IT development service providers are using asp.net core for enterprise apps solutions. There are many reasons for this choice and we will discuss each of them in detail through this post.

In older times, businesses hardly had any option to customize enterprise apps with advanced features and capabilities. For their choice of features, they had to spend higher costs. With time, technology evolved, and today, there are enterprise applications being built on asp.net core framework due to several benefits.

Asp.net is an ideal framework having all the necessary services to build reliable and most authentic enterprise web-based apps. This latest modular framework is supported by Microsoft and .Net community. Developers can use it with Windows, cross platforms, and .net framework.

Asp.net core is an open-source cross-platform that is supporting CLI. It also has cloud, mobile, and IoT based solutions with a cloud-based environment. Asp.net core web app development is lightweight and better at performance when it comes to enterprise-level web apps.

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Let’s learn major benefits of using asp.net core for developing enterprise apps-

  • Performance

Performance is one of the key benefits offered by asp.net core. After compiling the code, asp.net core automatically optimizes it to enhance the performance. The best thing about the code is you don’t have to make changes to it since the framework optimizes the code directly with the recompilation.

  • Updates are not a pain

An asp.net development company finds it hard to update new changes when it comes to .net framework. Whenever there is new update or release, it becomes important to launch a new framework version with it. For example- After releasing the feature of Routing, MVC 5 version was introduced to the market simultaneously. However, things with asp.net core is different because NuGet package is there to manage every update. So, when there is a new release of NuGet package version, you can simply update the packages for new changes.

  • CLA or Command Line Application

Command line offers support for all major platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux. Asp.net core has the command line app with which asp.net developers can build, execute, and host multiple applications.

  • Cross-Platform

It is important for enterprise-level asp.net development to support all platforms. Since asp.net is a cross-platform option available to the developers, it becomes easy to create apps that perform smoothly on Linux, Mac, and Windows platform. Asp.net core web application development also helps businesses with more exposure on different available platforms.

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While building cross-platform enterprise-level apps, you need to create frontend with the same C# code for backend. With the latest .net standard libraries, it is possible to create a cross-platform solution with maximum capabilities and features.

  • Cloud-based development support

Developers always find it better to create cloud-based apps for some reasons. For big enterprises, asp.net core offers development of several types of web apps, IoT apps, mobile backend, etc.

So, when developers say they find asp.net core as an amazing solution for creating enterprise applications, understand these reasons!

Regardless of the size of the business, asp.net has the potential to deliver the most trendy web-based app solution. It can be started by reaching the top leading asp.net development company.

How to reach a reliable app development company?

There are many ways to contact any app development partner in your area.

  1. Use a local business directory

You can find a local business directory at a bookstore and get the useful contact details of an IT development company in your area from there.

  1. Use Google or Bing to search

Every business today is running its online website. You can search for the best IT development partner in your area and connect via email or direct phone.

  1. Use your Referral

Search your contacts and ask them to refer a few companies that can help you with asp.net core development. Sometimes you can get the best referral links from the contacts.

Have something to share with others regarding asp.net core development experience? Feel free to give us feedback in the comment section.

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