Boost Sales & Profits with Cold Calling

Apr 11,2019 by Aishwarya Srivastava
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Door-to-door salesmen are now a thing of the past as you hardly have to bear with their unsolicited visits nowadays, trying to sell something that you may or may not need. However, this strategy to visit each customer personally is certainly not ineffective as it is capable of bringing a lot more profit than one can anticipate. There are multiple times when these door-to-door salespeople successfully sell products and the businesses that have opted for this strategy have benefited immensely.

This strategy in the business world is popularly known as cold calling and it has been a harbinger of good luck for numerous enterprises across various verticals. In call center outsourcing domain, cold calling is often dreaded; the reason being the fact that the outcome on a lot of occasions wouldn’t be as expected.

For instance, if an agent calls someone who is occupied with something important; he might experience the wrath of an annoyed customer. This is really common because we cannot anticipate whether the customer is in the mental and physical condition to consider an offer and respond to it.

In businesses that offer call center services, cold calling is actually both feared and revered. It is feared because who would ever want to deal with agitated customers and revered because of the unanticipated outcome it can offer sometimes. Cold calling just like the door to door sales can help businesses like a call center in India and any other part of the world benefit endlessly.

Cold Calling – How To Make The Best Out Of It?

This is a tough terrain and walking through it is challenging for even the most competent call center outsourcing service provider. Cold calling projects numerous trials, affecting agent and process efficiency at multiple levels. However, when done right, it can boost sales and profits for sure.

For best results, it is vital to understand your target audience and schedule calls as per their availability. It is hard to know the exact time when your customers might be available to take the call but it is best to not disturb them in evening or nighttime.

A lot of call center service providers run cold calling processes in multiple shifts, which may or may not be a lucrative decision. In the evening and at nighttime, people want to relax and unwind; so, disturbing them at this time isn’t advisable.

The best time to make a cold call in the evening is between 4 to 5 PM because this is the time when everyone is winding up their work or having a cup of tea or coffee to relax. This is the time that they might listen more attentively and respond in a better way.

In the morning, the best time to call your prospected customers with reliable customer support service is between 8 to 9 AM. This is when people are about to start their day and are usually in a good mood, which is why they tend to give more attention to every call, even the ones that are meant for sales purpose.

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