3 Ways In Which Healthcare Sector Is Using Cloud Solutions!

Mar 28,2019 by Akriti Sharma
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In this new era of healthcare sector, we aim to simplify surgery, drive efficiency, reduce complications and improve outcomes for patients, ultimately making surgery safer.”

Ashley McEvoy- Executive Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

With Digital innovation modifying businesses prospects for the better, trillions of dollars are spent in healthcare for critical case management. It is too big to ignore – particularly for international business firms.

As organizations are continuously looking for best cloud-based solutions as well as business features for handling core medical requirements appropriately, big clients such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft are trusted for their integrity.

With the prevalence of such companies, their cloud strategies are assisting IT system migration, so that organizations come up as “champions of care”.

cloud management platform Cloud provides holistic solution to all healthcare requirements

Cloud and healthcare—altering the connection between patient and doctor!

An accelerating adoption of cloud computing across the healthcare sector demonstrates the change in the relationship betwixt patient and doctor. With cloud functioning across the IT platform, the answer to the question “Is shifting services onto the cloud in the healthcare sector for the better?” is undoubtedly a resounding “yes”!

Cloud can facilitate as well as accelerate patient enrollment, service, and follow up for catering to what matters most: patients and healthcare members.

The pivot to personalization!

  • “Medical imaging”- one of the foremost and prolific usages of cloud, wherein simply by storing and sharing huge data files onto the medical imaging database saves hospitals, physicians and other organizations precious time.
  • With recent changes in the regulation requirements for healthcare sector, businesses can adopt electronic medical history features as one of the prime priorities for compliance.

cloud strategies An integrated business approach

Cloud turned out to be a dream tech for these firms:

  • JNJ to buy surgical robotics firm Auris health for $3.4 billion

Believing in the cloud potential, Johnson & Johnson has taken over the reins of robotics company, “Auris Health”.

Themselves being a multi-billion-dollar company, it is believed that by accelerating Johnson & Johnson’s entry into artificial intelligence, the acquisition has potential for growth across different sectors. Auris Health has privately-held patents of robotic technologies for their therapeutic processes and procedures. Additionally, with best-in-class artificial intelligence, advanced instrumentation and managed healthcare, the cloud has created a meaningful service for its patients!

With Johnson & Johnson able to push the boundaries of what’s doable with the cloud, they will be able to improve the lives of patients across the world.

  • Walgreens partners with Microsoft for digitally handling their healthcare delivery system!

Walgreens has inked a seven-year agreement with Microsoft for making newer healthcare solutions which can simentanously improve health conditions and offer better solutions for critical disease management.

The businesses are constantly committed to handling multi-year analysis and R&D investments by offering “more personalized health care experiences to prevent chronic illness management.” This partnership aims at delivering the promises across the healthcare firms, by using the abilities of the Azure cloud management platform and Artificial intelligence technology for deeper experiences around the globe, and for happier lives.

 Walgreens — the second-largest pharmacy chain within the United States of America — fantastically puts it out there by saying that it plans to migrate a huge bulk of its IT infrastructure into Microsoft Azure for ease of business.

 Walgreens is continuously working with Microsoft for harnessing data existing among payers and healthcare suppliers in the best interest of patients and doctors. With extraordinarily networked convenient locations for delivering new innovations, health outcomes can be easily handled across the world!

  • Oracle is using cloud for better innovations in healthcare!

 The cloud enables Oracle health care systems to advance healthcare in a number of exciting ways. Cloud can enable the patient-centric supply chain system by emphasizing clinical outcomes and optimized planning, and by reducing wastage.

 The healthcare sector is changing, and so is the workforce. Today’s healthcare sector staff expects better work/life balance and career opportunities. With huge turnover and fierce competition, the role of cloud in retaining talented staff is dominant.

 Improving the patient experience- Innovating for change!

As the healthcare sector has the opportunity of transforming the patient experience by enabling a 360-degree view of the patient’s history, Cloud management platforms are simplifying that journey in the best manner!

cloud management platform Healthcare solutions are just a click away with cloud

The future of healthcare innovation lies in collaboration!

Every big tech corporation is seeking to emerge as the leader in healthcare. They’re seeking partnerships, talent, and minds to emerge as the champion of healthcare. Cloud-connected collaboration is extended across channels for devising cohesive experiences, along with business campaigns that can nurture patients in the best way possible. We at Cyfuture know that by leveraging the cloud’s strengths, we can take your business to new heights.

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