SEO is Dead- Too Early for Assumptions or It’s a Reality?

Sep 15,2020 by Vaishnavi Verma
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Since the emergence of paid advertisement campaigns, the obligation of acquiring SEO services with hard-money is left with a big question mark.

SEO has always been a point of fascination amidst digital marketers worldwide. But the constant change in Google algorithms has placed the seed of doubt of the future and existence of SEO to grow the traffic organically.

No doubt, SEO has bolstered the brand and website leaps from zero to heights by placing the backlinks and keywords at the place with top-notch practices and critical factors like customer’s interests and locations.

But the murmurs over forums and social media platforms for- ‘Is SEO dead?’ is enough to raise a derogatory point for further investments and digital marketing.

Well, let’s clear the clouds around the point with further discussion over it.

Suppose you type out a single word in the search engine, witnessing the current situation- ‘MASK.’

The results are enough to astonish you with a gaze.


With results like these, we can understand the abundance of options available for reading.

The keyword ‘Mask’ has search volume in thousands, i.e.., 49,500. The results are in no comparison to these numbers by 2,39,00,00,000.

I.e., due to excess availability of content, countless websites go unattended.

So, what can we consider out of these extracted data… Is SEO really dead?

Is SEO Still Worthy in the Year 2020?

Several speculations are going around about the funeral of SEO services in the near time, due to diverted interest of business owners towards paid advertisement campaigns.

These campaigns have fetched the incredible amount of interest of mass to squeeze out each penny invested in getting the leads out of them for different business development purposes.

The ad optimizations are accessible, approachable, and less in cost than heavy-duty tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics for tracking the development in digital marketing at regular notes.

These ad optimization techniques offer crips results in a ready-to-use format of data.

On a prominent note, visualizing the road to swift flow, the idea of immersing in paid campaigns holds power to lure the website owners for the easy move with maximized rate of results.

But is it really worth it?

Maybe YES! But as per the different gathered source of stats, the power of SEO optimization can’t be ignored for well- easy and user-friendly websites, lucrative add-ons in numbers of customers, and better conversion rates (CVR).

Digging the Well of Insights and data- SEO is Dead/Alive?

The death of SEO services has been over-hyped, considering only a few factors without going deep into the sea of insights.

As far as the concerned matter is the role of SEO services in a digital marketer’s everyday chores. Its importance can be measured on scales for parallel use with different associated services.

But is SEO losing its state of existence?

Well, let’s dive more into it!

Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko, released a series of tweets showcasing SEO’s role in the variants of practices responsible for upscaling its ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).

If we visualize the keyword’s role in enhancing the website’s value, it can be understood by Mr. Dean’s comprehensive explanation.


Okay! Here the Dean pointed out the capability of keywords for the growth on the digital platforms.

Dean took up his research on the keyword ‘SEO,’ in which the results were astonishing, leaving doubters in an enigmatic state.

The keyword ‘SEO’ has approximate searches per month of 135K, which significantly marks the absolute growth of 126% in positive aspects.

So, what can we estimate out of it? Is SEO Dead/Alive?

Several market experts from SEO companies in India, US, UK, and overseas have often pointed out that the concept of link building shouldn’t exist anymore, due to deflation in the demand graph.


 With such defined data, are we really in the position to comment on link building’s zero roles in enhancing the website’s ranking?

Here, we can clearly say that maybe the trend of link building has remarked low speed, but if optimized well in the form, the growth can not be suppressed in the way.

Again, the question is the same due to the 50-50% toll, is SEO services Dead/Alive?

Renowned ad tech owners promise to bring a high conversion rate with cent-percentage quality of data/leads.

But can the paid campaign/traffic match the status of traffic generated, organically?

The question itself is left out with a big question mark and zero answers to it.

The optimization of website content has continuously noticed a hike in growth when carried the operations in a defined search engine optimization format.

The searches per month justify the growth rate, as it is tremendous when carried out with genuine SEO services and its following practices.


Well, do you still nod yes for SEO is dead, then maybe you are on the wrong path!

As per the extracted source of information, we can conclude to the point that ‘SEO is Changing’ to rank the website on SERP.

Change in Ways of Traffic Generation & SEO Services Over Years:

SEO companies in India and overseas are known for employing backlinks to get traffic from websites having the shining scores of domain authority.

But sticking to stagnant moves of SEO services is going to bring no benefits to your business. Instead, these overstuffed inputs can drain your efforts to waste.

With the easy availability of technology and internet connection, the brands and their users are changing the way of reaching out to the desired result.

Power-Hatched Mobile Search:

The handy mobile devices have changed the definition of SEO optimization.

Viewing the growth and demand in content as per the mobile version, Google has started indexing and ranking the content as per these notions, as well.

Sticking to old techniques of SEO optimization blocks the ways to extract the best out of them.

Rich Featured Snippets:

There are certain times Google displays the website in a dedicated box on the top of the page, which has enough potential to grab the visitor’s attention.

But, how to reach this special feature section?

Well, the website can find its place in featured snippet by following the given-below tips-

  • Content must surpass the levels of quality parameters.
  • Content must have the ability to answer the questions of the customers.
  • Content should be SEO-optimized.
  • Content must rank on the first page of SERP.

Target Real-Person Instead of Keywords:

Previously, SEO companies in India, US, UK, and overseas used to work around specific targeted keywords for gaining the ranks on SERP.

The outdated practice involves writing a long page story about a mere keyword without completing the customer’s need, as the content may sound unnatural and robotic in nature.

With time, these SEO services seem to optimize themselves.

The content marketers’ team tends to create the content SEO-friendly rather than following the useless keyword stuffing, drafting a negative approach for the complete website, and dropping the required ranking on the search engine result page.

Currently, the SEO services seem to enhance their level to certain marks that can answer the HOW? WHY? And, WHAT? of the readers.


SEO companies in India, US, UK, and overseas are continuously studying the possibilities that can be served with apt SEO services to improve the website’s performance on SERP.

For sure, SEO is not the same as it used to be!

But by changing the way to optimize the blogs, forums, and website content, one can aim to target a wider audience, organically.

Hence, diversifying the possible aspects as the constant change in Google’s algorithms, we can round out that-


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