AI Chatbots: The Guardian Angel for your Business!

Nov 05,2019 by Syed Owais
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AI today is termed as the commander for every business! Although AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around for years, it gained momentum after the boom in technological revolution. Since the new advancement in tech has raised the competition bar, thus the use of AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), etc. have become obligatory for every business. Since the use of new technology offers swift automated services, thus, including the same in the business service is essential. 

AI has been in buzz these days, however, the AI Chatbots are more in news. Chatbots are declared the next big thing and yes, it certainly is with its fascinating features. AI Chatbots are computer-based software that communicates with the business prospects/loyal customers over a live chat interface. This interface is either the business website or its Skype handle, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Moreover, these AI chatbots have made mentions in almost all industrial verticals, including AI in fashion design, real estate, healthcare, finance & marketing, ecommerce, and many more. Chatbots offer real-time messaging preference to your business service and companies can boost their social media marketing with its use. Chatbot services are a great way to handle social media messages and attain customer satisfaction by instant replies to customers.

Various surveys suggest AI Chatbots’ significance and the reason it is the guardian angel for every company’s social handle. Check out:

A survey by Oracle informs that nearly 80 percent of the marketers will be using a chatbot facility by 2020. 

Other surveys by the 2017 Aspect Consumer Experience Index suggest that nearly 49% of the business client interact with AI-powered bots once a week. Moreover, 45% of the customers not even bother about whether they are talking to a bot or a live agent and consider a live agent only when the issue is extreme, and nearly 33% of the customers want bots to provide customer service, as they are swift and accurate. 

With the increasing use of AI Chatbots for businesses today, here is how it benefits your business and helps to excel in social media marketing:

  • Enhanced customer service

Since live agents can’t be available everywhere, chatbots help to answer customer queries ensuring boosted satisfaction. Remember the last time you talked to the customer support of any app you use? Well, most of them have messaging bots that answer instantly and in case of any extreme issue, the customer is forwarded to a live agent.  

To the user, chatbots seem to be “intelligent” due to their informative skills. However, chatbots are only as intelligent as the underlying database.

-Peter Gentsch

It is vital to note that bots are designed to answer queries and its software has some limitations. Thus in case a customer requires talking to a live agent, bots transfer calls to an experienced call manager so that there is no compromise to customer satisfaction. 

Chatbots may not solve complex issues, but they are master at doing simple and straightforward tasks. This is the root cause every business wants them in use to save time, energy and expense. 

  • No queue issues

Social media marketing faces the threat of queueing up customer queries. Customers always complain about long wait times and unprofessional response from the service providers. Well, having a bot by the side, faster customer service is assured and there is no issue of long wait concerns that often irritate the customer. 

Chatbots are the fastest customer service agents that reach customers within seconds of an inquiry. Human response takes time, however, chatbots can get along your business social media platform and can answer customer requests easily without any error. 

A business just needs to find its most engaging social platform and connect a chatbot through messenger from the same. Bots can reply, analyze and give you all customer data in real-time, thus is better than hiring expensive live agents for every task. 

Although bots cannot perform all tasks, Chatbots easily perform those that do not require human intervention and can be handled by pre-defined programs as instructed by humans. Artificial bots are in buzz these days because they can excellently reduce your customer service response time. 

  • Handle large volumes

Every business has a social media agent to handle all inquiries. These agents often face a hassle-full situation of a large volume of requests from the customers. However, when a chatbot looks after the business customers’ online, there is no capacity limit and it can answer all inquiries at the same time with an appropriate answer. 

Chatbots are automated systems, which can analyze customer queries easily providing an answer accordingly. Bots do not care about the number of messages and do not get irritated with repetitive query answering. It is much cost-effective than hiring and training agents to handle inquiries and can bring your business better customer satisfaction. 

  • Pro-active customer interaction

Monitoring every user on the website constantly is not possible for live agents. However, Chatbots have this ability to monitor every customer’s activity and provide real-time information. Chatbots can be designed to keep an eye on the customer activity so that it is easy to reach the user at the right time with the correct response. 

Such a service is impossible without the help of a bot. Social media presence for every business is important and thus having a bot to reply to customers instantly is important. Every business’s social media marketer trust bots, as they know chatbots assist in query handling and boost customer satisfaction with an automated and accurate response.  

  • 24X7 support

Chatbots help your business service be available 24X7 to the customer. Live agents are only available at customer support for a specified period and in odd timings, bots take up the job of answering queries efficiently. Several companies have their social media messenger bots available at support all the time.

These bots transfer only those queries that demand human vigilance. Chatbots solve customer concerns by being available even in odd hours and that too in limited budget. This is the reason every business’s social media marketer wants a bot installed for its business social page that has the highest market reach. 

  • Messenger marketing

Every business requires an appropriate social media marketing strategy for success. Talking about marketing strategies, messenger marketing is a new term. This word came into existence after the introduction of AI-driven Chatbots. 

Messenger marketing is all about getting to the customer, conducting marketing operations, and collecting data by uniting both bots and business messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 

The main reason this marketing strategy is essential for your business is that customers have started moving to messenger apps to enquire about any query, which is why a bot on the social platform is necessary. Live agents cannot be available 24X7, thus chatbot helps with swift answering and looking after customer satisfaction. 

Customers nowadays give less time to social channels and are more of messaging geeks, thus messenger marketing is integral.

  • Replying FAQs

Chatbots can identify customer issues through FAQs. Artificial bots can easily redirect the customers’ on the relevant material of FAQ. This helps to solve the customers’ basic issues easily without any hassle, thus proving bots to be a great tool for help. 

Live agents can also perform excellently when it comes to FAQs. However, why hiring agents in-house for different tasks when a bot can perform the same in a limited budget! 

Well, bots have several perks to offer making it obligatory for today’s competitive business environment. Integrating chatbots with the business social media marketing can do wonders for customer satisfaction, thus why avoiding it! 

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