Relationship Between Big Data Consulting Services and Augmented Analytics

Mar 17,2021 by Anushka Agarwal

We’re surrounded by data everywhere., not just any data but big and augmented data. Every scroll, like, view, and social post produces data. Datasets have become massively huge, and traditional BI cannot handle them anymore. Such old systems fail to comprehend it entirely or know how to deal with this humongous data.

Before, companies rendered this data as complicated and useless; however, thanks to big data analytics, its reputation has turned from rust to riches. True that digging through this data is challenging, but with the right tools and big data consulting services by your side, you can derive benefits from it and utilize it effectively. More so, you can use this data to administer services and widen your customer pool. The insights derived from big data help you thrive in the competitive market.

A lingering question in your mind, what does augmented analytics have to do with it, and where does it connect with the several extensive data analytics services?

Back to the point, augmented analytics simplifies big data consulting services. It helps you derive full benefits from big data and use it to better business prospects. Augmented analytics allows to employ big data in different industrial spheres, generate new applications, and facilitate connection with clients and customers.

This guide helps you determine the right tools to handle your business’s future needs using big data analytics and augmented analytics.

What is Big Data?

big data

Let’s start with the basics first.

Big Data refers to data in voluminous quantity. It includes large datasets of structured and unstructured data, inundated in a business setting on a day-to-day basis. Stepping into the more technical side, big data deals with the analysis the extraction of information from datasets that are either too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional means.

Before the advent of big data analytics, organizations used Microsoft Excel to analyze a dataset. It was tough but there wasn’t any other known technology available. For somebody who has tried analyzing extensive data set in Excel, know how cumbersome it can get.

However, Excel was the ground 0 of Big Data. It paved the way for professionals to devise a new way to analyze large amounts of data, eliminating manual data handling.

It is a modern solution to the voluminous amount of data generated today.

What is Big Data Analytics?

big data analytics

Big Data Analytics is the process employed to harness and analyze large amount of data and derive valuable insights. Big Data analytics services cover processes, programming tools, methodologies, and augmented analytics to make the tedious process effortless and straightforward.

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You cannot use Excel for big data analytics but employ applications like Apache Hadoop, SQL, R, Tableau, Knime, and others. Their capability extends far more than Excel, from data storage to processing power, statistical insights, data visualization, and business intelligence. The right big data analytics tools make it easy to review large information amounts. Several big data consulting services offer such solutions to companies, helping them figure out how to handle their gigantic and messy data and reap real benefits from it.

What is Augmented Analytics?

One of the most recent business intelligence tools in existence, augmented analytics, combines machine learning and natural language processing benefits. In simple words, it automates insights received using ML and NLP; hence, popularly regarded as the new wave in the data analytics market.

In the big data analytics arenas, it is the next big disruptive wave. Augmented Analytics takes note of all this data from varied sources lying everywhere, engaging with it, and landing on actionable insights. It helps smarten your business setting and help you take the lead in the competitive environment.

For business, acquiring datasets of big data isn’t enough. They need to ensure proper data collection, clean it, convert it into a structured format to guarantee high-quality data.

Modern augmented analytics help automate data preparation, discover employable insights, and share it with the product/service development team using AI and ML. It also automates data science and ML model, assisting in its management and deployment solutions.

Several big data analytics companies employ augmented analytics to smoothen data management, data preparation, data science, machine learning algorithms, and business intelligence. When it comes to big data consulting services, augmented analytics covers the front seat. It makes systems intelligent and broadens the understanding of the raw data.

To sum up, Augmented analytics:

  • Automates the data finding and surfacing process to derive meaningful insights and optimize decision-making. What Augmented analytics can do in a fraction of time with minimal data and skills is impossible for any other data science technology.
  • Using AI/ML, they automate data model selection, model operationalization, model explanation, model tuning, and model management.
  • Humanize data models to pave way for its embedding in enterprise applications.
  • Using NLP and ML, it automates data insights to allow more interactions, make better predictions, and lead to practical and profitable data storytelling.
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The effects of augmented analytics in big data consulting services  

Augmented Analytics betters big data consulting services in many ways. It helps organizations enjoy added benefits of ease, scalability, expert analytics, and unbiased data preparation.

Its most notable advantage is the reduced dependency on ML and other data science skills.

More so, it considers all forms of data, including business processes and roles, democratizing insights from analytics.

On the contrary, Augmented Analytics opens ML and data science content creation prospects to data scientists, allowing them to be a part of all these high-value tasks, thereby improving human collaboration and productivity.

There is a massive demand for augmented analytics in the market, and paired with big data consulting, it improves an organization’s prospects analyzing complete datasets for a client.

Where can you Employ Augmented Analytics?

people tryhing to understand implementation of augmented analytics

As per Gartner, around 50% of businesses would explore the possibilities related to augmented analytics. Data consulting has become a must-have service for several companies. They use it to analyze the right solution, investigate sales pipeline, track leads, sell products/services, and more.

The following are some use cases for Augmented Analytics in data consulting solutions.

Hospital Operations:

Patient wait times are a tedious and inescapable part of hospital admittance. Augmented Analytics enables employees across the hospital industry to explore ways to reduce patient wait time. With augmented analytics in place, patients can refrain from form-filling nuances, receive instant solutions to their queries, and put forth additional concerns. The Artificial intelligence -empowered technology enables transparency and insightful results, addressing the critical problem areas in the hospital setup. It empowers the human mind to conduct more intellectual strides, eliminate routine tasks, and replace them with analytical solutions.

Surveillance footage:

Augmented Analytics finds usage in detecting unusual images from surveillance footages, benefiting organizations and government bodies. The information captured via cameras helps to analyze leads and lead to event prediction, online monitoring, anomaly detection, intrusion spotting, and goal-oriented analysis. AI-based models like convolutional neural networks to detect anomalies find applications to expand research prospects, grab deep insights, and improve process accuracy.

Several government agencies employ augmented analytics to leverage visual data derived through several vision applications. Computer graphic apps are crucial for translating images and videos into actionable insights and intelligence and using them for your benefit. The cloud APIs allow professionals to access computer visuals from different app types. Such imagery prevents unusual activities and helps agencies maintain privacy and secrecy.

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Prevent fraudulent activity:

Financial fraudulent activities steal hundreds and thousands of trillion dollars from companies using complex fraud detection tools. It is where big data companies can help. They can employ data science solutions and rescues you from financial frauds. Augmented analytics enforce feasible and accurate fraud detection methods, boosting the ML pipelines and existing data analytics. In time, it lessens the number of fraudulent transactions and erects secure revenue streams. Using augmented analytics for fraud investigation by data science teams leveraging graph technology helps identify first-party fraud and complex fraud rigs.

Moreover, with big data analytics companies, businesses can act on their data loads and make more informed decisions. It allows enterprises to effectively work on data, gain valuable insights, and use it to further the digital transformation wave. And, augmented analytics assists in such prospects, preserving and forwarding the future of data analytics. Using AI and ML technologies, augmented analytics finds employment in surveillance systems, hospitals, market intelligence, and so much more.

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Businesses are on track to adopting the latest technologies to better their revenue and recognition prospects and conquer the market. Data analytics happens to be on the radar. Marketers and developers agree with the innate potential of augmented analytics and search for big data companies that can help them further in this domain of business intelligence. The right big data analytics company can direct your business in a direction that amasses incredible benefits. With enhanced analytics in action, companies can remove the data barriers to trade. Moreover, you can solely handle all the technology decisions without requiring the assistance of an IT expert. Find a suitable organization from the arcade of big data analytics companies, and you’ll be good to go!

Are you planning to adopt this promising technology and want a platform that can help you practice it? Cyfuture enables you to simplify the current business challenges and implement this and similar technologies!

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