Top 8 Tools Used by Big Data Analytics Companies for 100% Sales Conversion

Sep 24,2020 by Vaishnavi Verma

Big Data is one of the essential services amidst organizations ranking between budding startups to mature businesses to track the ins and outs for the maximized output level.

The big data consulting services are used to consolidate the data from ample resources and categorize them in various categories ready for business use.

Generally, businesses running from years do have tons of data, managing them in proper form is a must else get prepared to have haunted nightmares.

The available data to any organization are in two forms, i.e., Structured and Unstructured data, which is no less than an asset if used well.

Due to the continuous upsurge in technology and its daily life application, the organizations are coming up with a plan of incorporating big data in their business niche.

To fulfill the critical need, the organizations are leveling up with robust tools or outsourcing their essentials to big data analytics companies to drive 100% output.

Let’s have a look at a few best tools meant for big data and related services-

1.  Hadoop:


Hadoop is the open-source software and a star software among data scientists.

The software is known for its capability to handle numerous tasks with a minimum of steps to create operations on collated data.

The software is written in coding language-JAVA; to use it with full ease, the professionals handling big data consulting services must be familiar with it.

No doubt, Hadoop, is one of the most recognized tools for bringing benefits to the business. Also, the tool is widely used by organizations ranking top in the industry, such as- Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, IBM, etc.

The tool is efficient enough to work on all types of data irrespective of their properties. The data could be PNG and JPEG images, videos, text, etc.

With Hadoop, the business can categorize these data in different segments to draft the favorable output, i.e.., the gender of customer/client, location, interest, previous interaction with the brand, etc.

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Pricing: Free

2.  Knime:

Knime- Konstanz Information Miner is an open-source software used for integrating services of big data analytics companies in sway with business essentials.

The tool, Knime, is released under the frame of GNU General Public License.

The tool has the capability to integrate the machine learning algorithms for blending the data from various resources to fulfill the requirements of the business.

Apart from data integration, the tool holds power to conduct operations for reporting, data mining, business intelligence, and customer resource management (CRM).

Knime supports various forms of operating systems such as- Windows, Linux, etc.

The tools can create ETL operations on data with its designed set of algorithms.

Due to its easy setup and automated operations, the tool is widely accepted in the industry.


Pricing: Free

3.  MongoDB:


MongoDB is a contemporary tool used for managing cross-platform databases to create the best of services for big data analytics companies.

It is a NoSQL based software written in the programming language C, C++, Python, and Javascript. Developers can hire Python development outsourcing companies for coding software solutions in one of the most popular programming languages.

The open-source tool also supports the various operating systems such as Windows Vista, Linux, Solaris, etc.

The tool bolsters in performing operations related to data collection from mobile apps, product catalog, indexing, replication, etc.

MongoDB is easy to operate but accounts for the number of differences when it comes to counting its similarity with Hadoop.

Unlike Hadoop, one needs to have proper training when aiming to consolidate the data for business use.

The tool meant for gliding big data consulting services is reliable and cheap in cost with respect to other big data tools, as it primarily works on the document-oriented database.

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Pricing: It is a paid tool that can be customized as per the culled plan.

4.  Cassandra:


Cassandra is open-source software used for managing a heavy amount of data available over various servers.

The tool comes under the category of NoSQL, that significantly interacts with a record of the database, mined for business purposes.

The tools tend to mend any sort of loopholes that may come in a way of quickly handling massive data.

Cassandra is written in the programming language JAVA and offers the perk of scalability and a structured form of data collation.

The tool is licensed under the name of Apache 2.0 for conducting the operations regarding services of big data analytics companies.


Pricing: Free

5.  Lumify:


Lumify is an open-source software used for conducting data integration, data fusion, and big data consulting services.

The tools have the capability to visualize the text and images in both 2D and 3D that create a link between paragraphs for mapping the relation to attain real-time collaboration of data.

The factors like an easier way of using, scalability, security, and dedicated services adds brownie points to the big data tool making it one of the top choices of big data analytics companies for wrapping up the business purpose, responsible for future sales conversion.


Pricing: Free

6.  Storm:

A storm is a cross-platform tool used to manage the data unstructured in nature and supports its functions for all programming languages.

The tool is written in Clojure and Java to support the architecture of data and its sources.

The Storm, licensed under Apache, is reliable in nature. Also, it can process multiple data at the same time.

The tool successfully drops the results for real-time analytics, ETL, and machine learning to convert the opportunities to turn the lead into a sale, at the moment only.

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Despite the factor, Apache Storm is difficult to operate. Its popularity is no less than tools meant for big data consulting services.


Pricing: Free

7.  Tableau:

A tableau is a tool used for managing business intelligence and analytics solutions.

It bolsters in visualizing and integrating the data for hunting the best business opportunities in near future.

The tool, Tableau comes in three variants, i.e, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online, that allows the big data analyst to conduct research and visualization even from a remote location.

Also, the tool holds the authority to handle the data in all sizes.

With Tableau, business organizations can expect flexibility and scalability to accommodate the data in a suitable form, usable for the business organization.

The tools have earned a special token of appreciation for its extra support to most of the database types.


Pricing: The tool starts with the price $35 USD/month/user, which differs as per selected plans and package.

8.  Zoho Analytics:


Zoho Analytics is a tool, popular amidst big data analytics companies. The tool is used to manage CRM and create predictions around the gathered data from the resources.

The tool is used to conduct research on every possible aspect that has a turning on power to fetch sales and revenue from the same.

Also, it allows the user to integrate the working mechanism with Google tools for having additional info and better insights.


Pricing: Available at affordable ranges

Hence, we can conclude that tools meant for big data consulting services play a dominant role in designing the business architecture revolving around digital marketing services for 100% sales conversions if followed well in all dimensions.

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