These Big Data certifications will help you supercharge your IT career

Apr 11,2019 by Bharat Vashistha

It is not a surprise that Big data has become the buzzword that is adorning every article and newspaper today. The science of being able to extract actionable insights from heaps of raw data continues to be a game-changer in almost every field.

Every leader in the tech world is embracing this technology at a rapid pace. To remain relevant in the job market, getting certified is an excellent way to fast track your career. With the ongoing scenario, it is recommended that all professionals upgrade their skills by taking up big data certification from accredited institutions. A professional with big data skills will always be preferred over a professional without big data skills. Having a certification proves that one has a relevant set of skills and a practical approach in using the tools and technologies that are required by the industry leaders today.

Technologies keep changing every few months and it can get challenging to keep up the pace every now and then. Certification is one way to act speedily and build those skill sets to remain competitive in the job market.

Why do you need big data certification programs today?

Job prospects are great: Big data market is projected to rule the software and services sector over the next five years, says a report by IDC. A prediction of an annual growth rate of 23.1% is forecast for the period 2014-2019.

Lucrative salary: Although the demand for big data professionals is soaring, the market does not have enough talent to meet these demands. To bridge the talent shortage, organizations are willing to offer big data professionals the financial edge over the other IT professionals. If you’re looking to have an edge over others, you need to acquire big data skills. Doing so will not only keep you in sync with the job market but will also help you gain financial leverage in your career.

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Earn a certification and progress in your career: Getting certified in big data solutions will help you demonstrate these skills to recruiters. Most recruiters are quite skeptical about hiring their talent, and gaining a certification stands as proof that you’re skilled enough to handle that job. There are so many good big data certifications that are available online, based on your career path you can choose the one that best fits you. Most of these certifications provide a learning path that is skill-based from a beginner to the intermediate and expert level. You can choose the certification based on your preference

It’s high time to take advantage of the rise of big data with these big data certifications:

  • Cloudera Certified administrator – Apache Hadoop

If you’re aware of your way around the technology Apache Hadoop, then this certification is a way to testify your technical ability and knowledge. You get to learn the skills in HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop cluster administration and installation skills.

  • Data Science Council of America

This program is suitable for professionals looking to get into a big data certifications program. It is one of the world’s best credentialing platform that provides skills in big data. You can acquire skills in technologies like storing and processing data in Hadoop, and Hive, Pig etc. Not just this, but the practical approach of using these technologies is being implemented. Since this platform offers the best credentialing certifications, it is highly recommended for freshers as well as professionals.

  • Certified Analytics Professional

To get here one requires to first meet the minimum qualification and educational criteria. You can learn skills in numerous domains across the analytics process. Some of the coursework includes methodology selection, model construction, business problems, framing analytics and lifecycle management.

  • Big Data Accredited Solutions Expert – HP Vertica
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The major focus is towards database admins, gauges and their ability to identify and troubleshoot problems. A candidate taking up this certification will be able to perform a task such as database tuning and manual projection design.

  • Big Data & Analytics – IBM

Having completed the certification from IBM allows professionals to gain the concept of analytics, big data and identify customer needs etc. The skills one can learn from here include architecture, adoption models, design principles involved in big data and analytics etc.

Given the career path and preference, one can always look up any one of these certifications and start their career in big data today. Having a big data certification means having a great future in the analytics sector. The jobs are evolving fast and organizations are ardent on hiring professionals with new-age skills. These certifications have the best and well-structured coursework that is aligned with the industry requirement. Having the right set of skills will prove beneficial for potential employers.

It is evident that the technology is evolving, integrating new changes in the technology sector, and will continue to do so in the coming years. All signs point to the fact that the big data world is only getting stronger, and staying updated is the only solution.

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