How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Software in 2022?

Mar 07,2022 by Admin
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Today, businesses that revolve around the principle of ‘home delivery’ and ‘convenience’ are on a rise. We even saw these businesses as the ray of hope during lockdowns. 

While people were locked down in their residences, they enjoyed the delivery of food, medicine, consumables, personal care products, clothes, etc at their doorsteps. 

But have you ever wondered how these delivery companies have been managing operations related to delivery services, vehicles, and customers? 

Well, the answer to this question is nothing but the best fleet management software solution. 

In this post, we’ll delve deep into the topic and tell you more about the software. We’ll be discussing;

  • What is fleet management?
  • What are the top fleet management system solutions?
  • How to choose the right fleet software without breaking your bank? 

What is Fleet Management?

To put it simply, it is the management of a group of commercial vehicles. 

Any business that needs commercial vehicles to function engages in the effective management of the fleet. The main role of fleet management is to keep an eye on the performance of the fleet to enhance productivity while facilitating hassle-free business operations. 

When it comes down to managing fleet operations, vehicle fleet managers might be tasked with responsibilities that include driver management, maintenance of the vehicle, planning of the route, and the implementation of the program that could be beneficial to your business.  

How to Choose the Best Fleet Management Software

When it comes down to choosing the best fleet management software, here’s the list of things you need to consider;

1. Determine your fleet’s requirements

The first and foremost aspect of choosing the best solution is to understand your fleet’s requirements. 

Each fleet comes with unique strengths and weaknesses. So, you must identify the problem areas that led your business to choose a software solution in the first place. 

2. Choose one that can address your issues 

Another aspect you need to consider is the fleet management software solution that can analyze your issues. 

Make sure you prepare a list of software packages that can fulfill the issues that your business usually faces. 

Always remember that you shouldn’t always choose a software tool that is flooded with a range of features as it might be difficult for your business to utilize all of them. 

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3. Reliability and sturdiness

One of the criteria that you should be at priority is sturdiness.

No matter how perfect your fleet management solution is, if it crashes frequently and impacts your workflow, it could cause your business unwanted downtime. 

Before you choose a software package, it is wise to use as many demos as you want. 

4. Prioritize Customer Support 

When you are selecting the best fleet management system for your fleet, make sure that they have good customer support. This would significantly help your business whenever your team needs to know more about the software.  

5. Security and privacy

To test the security of the system, you need to analyze the system’s infrastructure.

Make sure you ask an expert to hack to test the security and privacy aspect of the tool. 

6. Scalability

Remember that scalability is key for the future of your fleet.

It will help you determine how helpful or useful your fleet in the long run. 

While a systemic transition is difficult for any business, you must not change software packages. Make sure you choose your software tool as a long-term solution. 

7. Upgrades 

In today’s tech-dominating landscape, a business needs to adopt the latest technology to stay ahead of its competitors. 

So, while choosing your fleet management software, make sure you check it has developed with a strong vision for its future. 

To check for upgrades, you must try demos. 

Top 5 Fleet Management Software 

Here’s the list of the top 5 fleet management software tools that you can consider to streamline your business operations. 

1. VivoCabs 

It is a bespoke white-label solution that is equipped with a range of features, including live ride tracking, fare estimation, user wallet, driver/rider rating, commission setting and more. The software tool has a dedicated web admin panel that can effortlessly manage vehicles, users, discount coupons, withdrawal requests, and more. 


  • Various Payment Methods
  • Offer Codes
  • Real-Time Ride Tracking
  • Trip Calculation
  • Ride Details
  • Booking Rates
  • Payment Wallet
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Route Mapping
  • Driver Rating

The starting price of the fleet management tool is $999/user

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2. Fleetio

If you are looking for a modern vehicle management system, then choose none other than Fleetio. The tool helps fleet managers, parts managers, technicians, drivers, and other manage vehicles. 

The software tool helps to streamline the entire process of fleet maintenance to ensure routine check-ups are putting into place. 


  • Unlimited users 
  • Hassle-free mobile access 
  • Instant comments and notifications 

The Fleetio package starts at $5/asset/month.

3. IndusTrack

With built-in GPS tracking, IndusTrack is a comprehensive field service management solution that helps businesses and contractors (commercial/residential), mechanical industries, and more to streamline their operations related to delivery, customer service, vehicle management. 


  • Comprehensive job management 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Fleet management 
  • Grow revenue 

The cost of IndusTrack starts at $15/user/month plus setup fees.


Looking for the best vehicle tracking software to manage your business? If so, your search ends here! This software solution helps to view fleet positions in real-time with easy-to-use lists and satellite/map imagery. 


  • It comes in 30+ languages. 
  • Users can add a new language.
  • It works in all countries. 
  • It perfectly caters to the needs of almost every business or industry. 

The pricing of the fleet management software starts at $99/month. Also, you can choose a trial version of the software tool. 

5. TMWSuite 

This easy-to-use fleet management solution helps to mitigate the risks related to increased fuel costs, fewer drivers, and a run-packed schedule. The tool helps to provide on-time delivery, instant turnarounds, and information integration that may help to keep costs low to deliver significant value in each possible manner. 


  • Order entry 
  • Rating 
  • Real-time management pricing 
  • Invoicing and settlements 
  • Dispatch 

The starting price of the tool is $20,000.

The Bottom Line 

So, that’s a wrap to the best fleet management system to consider in 2022! 

There are a lot of best Fleet Management Companies which helps your business in becoming better.

When considering the right software tool for your business, fleet management software (FMS) is one of the lucrative investments that you can ever make. 

Choosing the right software would be beneficial for vehicle fleet managers, thereby reducing the burden of fleet operations.

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