Between the lines: The Spun of Marketing and Outsourcing

Mar 27,2019 by Shashvat Vats
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For all the milliondollars swept in the marketing campaigns and for each marketing strategy that raineddown profits, there is a streak of visions, ideas, efforts, plans, trials, andimplementations streamlined after days or weeks of preparation.

Marketing, one of thesimplest yet hardest task for any company, has the capability to jolt yourcompany’s revenue, either to the crest or to the bottom. You might be an ownerof an IT company but without a solid marketing approach, you can’t even thinkof success. Organizations of every field and size crave for the finestmarketing team that could sail their profits to the stars and cement a colossalcustomer-base.

On the other hand, liesoutsourcing – the strategy to raise business performance without spending a heapof money. Today, thanks to the ultra-modern progress we have made in technology, companies are not shyingaway to delegate their core business functions like app development, webdesigning, marketing, etc to the specialized vendors.

But, is marketing, whichis the crux for building your company’s brand image, suitable for outsourcing? Areyou really confident that handing over such a paramount division to an externalvendor would be viable? And if you aren’t, then why are big brands preferringto do it?

Unfolding these andmany more concerns of business owners, let’s take a walk through the various elementsthat decide whether marketing and outsourcing can go hand-in-hand for a longrun or not.

Ramification of in-house Marketing

It ain’t that bad

Whether you arethinking of conventional marketing or digital marketing, handling an in-housefacility always is more comprehensible to the business owners. After all, marketingputs your business ahead of the competitors and ranks you at an apex level, ifdone correctly.

Stats tell that more than 50% of the organizations in the world are one way or other massively dependent on agencies. This means that even the world is more inclined towards outsourcing.

However, having anin-house marketing team has its own benefits. The biggest advantage of havingan on-premise marketing department is that there is no cultural gap betweenyour team and your company.

See Yourself

That’s what technology giant Apple and motorcycle manufacturing hulk Ducati has successfully done with their teams. The C-suite of these companies has strict criteria to hire only those who can comprehend and reflect the former’s sentiments and vision. This is how Apple has become an epitome of innovation and progression. These premium companies’ owners are passionate about the products that compel them to keep their marketing team close to their chest. Even former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs also favoured for the in-house marketing division.

Also, outsourcing cantie your hand unwantedly. You hire an agency for your digital marketing divisionand sign a contract taking the agreement forward. Now, your outsourcing partnerwill work in scrupulous guidelines of the contract. Amidst the contract, if yourequire a slight or more deviation from the contracted solution, your outsourcingpartner may or may not agree. And even your business process outsourcing companyis not wrong in doing so.

So, an in-house marketingdivision provides you with the flexibility to adjust your approach inaccordance with your dynamic business requirements.

Marketing–The BPS way

 Ask Yourself

A report from Forbes tell that future trends of digital marketing include more personalization, value-added advertising, and hiked customer engagement.

This is what youraudience expects from your marketing efforts.

Are you delivering allof it? If yes, you are on the right track. Easily said than done, thesecustomer expectations are going to get more complex in the coming future withthe advent of newer marketing platforms frequently.

Owners of small andmedium businesses regard time as a valuable commodity. When on the quest to marketyour brand to the top, you know it is a time-consuming process. (Maybe that’sthe reason you were confused about outsourcing and you end up on this blog)

Both inbound andoutbound marketing tasks play a significant role in establishing your brand as reliable,consumer-centric, and credible. So, we will take each one by one to elaboratemore about how outsourcing empowers your marketing division on a holisticlevel.

The Inbound Marketing Endeavor

Marketing is all aboutdeveloping inestimable experiences for your audience so that customers cantrust your brand. To allure, engage, and delight prospects towards yourbusiness you need to create enticing content that helps people to land on yourwebsite/blog. Once this is done, you will try to convert the visitors into yourloyal customers by using tools like email and chat.

This is the way inbound marketing assures customers of the continued value addition. And when the prospects are converted, you further bolster your credibility through perpetual empathy and consulting.

In Inbound marketing,you need to do keyword research, run campaigns, create relevant content, repeat,set preference, and optimize it on regular intervals.

Phew….seems like a daunting task, right? It is.

Now, once you make the decision to hire a specialized agency for inbound marketing, you are actually handling your business’s repute to a BPO call centre or a business process outsourcing company. One minute mistake and your brand’s image could take a dip right into the gutter.

However, there are prettyexperienced and competent agencies that offer first-string assistance tobusinesses. These vendors have diligent SEO experts, content writers, campaign professionals,and social media handlers who have immense experience in meeting the wavering requirementsof businesses across several industries.

Outsourcing Supports Your Marketing Strategy

Most of the organizationsrely on external vendors because they shed the load of continuously handlingand monitoring the marketing tasks. Your outsourcing partner can develop appealingcontent in line with your brand’s vision and can also develop eye-catching emailsand chat-scripts to further engaged the customers. Along with thetimely-deliverance and A-Okay service standard, you will leverage on theaffordability aspect. These vendors charge you extremely less when compared to whatyou would have to spend on hiring writers, SEO experts, and social media professionals.

Also, the outsourcedcall centers are known to hold some highly qualified and deft customer service experts that will ensure to keep your businessin the good books of customers.

So, cost-effectiveness,superior service quality, access to a deft team, and elevated brand image of yourbrand are some of the benefits you will avail when outsourcing your marketing task.

The Outbound Targets

Outbound marketing includesactivities like telemarketing, email marketing, lead generation, etc. Each ofthese tasks is one of the toughest to accomplish in the entire marketingspectrum.

These tasks requiretime, precision, patience, smart approach, and persistence. Owners of SMBs donot have the time or resources to handle such mammoth tasks on their own. Hence,outsourcing gives an affordable and feasible way out to the business owners.

You can tell your outsourcing partner about the objectives you are expecting to meet through this endeavour and get back to your core tasks like product development and sales. Apart from saving a notable amount of money for your business, your outsourcing partner will also offer customized solutions for an offbeat requirement.

Flexibility, accuracy,and measurable ROI are the benefits your company will enjoy when contacting anexternal vendor.

Outsourcing wins!

No doubt outsourcing is a much preferable choice for handling a marketing team for businesses. Big organizations can focus on expanding and penetrating new markets by collaborating with a proficient agency or an adept contact centre and small firms can save humungous investment without compromising on the desired value. Right from the content generation, finding relevant keywords, deploying SEO, engaging customers, and nourishing them, every part of your marketing will be efficiently managed by your partner.

However, since you arehere, one last aspect I would like to cover to offer you a 360-degree clearanceon marketing and outsourcing.

Does your marketing really need outsourcing?

Just because somethingis excellent doesn’t mean it is for you. Similarly, just because a majority ofbusiness owners are profiting by outsourcing their marketing segment, it is notnecessary that it would work for you.

Before you decide to choose a BPS provider, make sure to check on the following:

  1. Too Much Workload:
    Quite often we see that organizations maintain a moderate-sized or small marketing team responsible for comprehensive efforts. Companies look for crackerjack professionals who can multitask and handle multiple functions simultaneously. This often ends up in low ROI on marketing efforts as the professionals overloaded with the work may overlook a few paramount tasks.
  2. Not having Pro-writers?
    This is the digital era, where content is considered King. Not having experts who can scribble down appealing and relevant content for your brand will keep your competitors ahead in the market. If the content generation task is done by SEO or social media experts, a grammatical mistake, a wrong tone or irrelevant content can further bring your brand image down. You just can’t expect your Business development professional to write a blog or an IT expert to write ad copies.
  3. Obsolete Website
    Marketing means promotion and if you are not putting adequate attention on how your website works or if it is updated or not, your business is heading for a disaster. Your website is the mirror image of your company’s value and your approach towards the customers. Hiring a competent BPS company that can manage your website from creation to maintenance will offer you a competitive edge in the market.
  4. Paid Advertising is Heading Nowhere
    Running successful Google Ads, and campaigns like PPC & social media require skills. If your Ads are running without generating the desired output, it’s time you look for a skilled team without the hefty expense. Outsource now!
  5. Overseeing Social Media
    What’s most disheartening is to see that most of the companies in the present time ignore social media. They do tap social media but leave the responsibility to an intern or a random employee like SEO or digital marketing expert. Social media is a gold mine for marketing professionals. Connect with the right business process outsourcing partner and see how social media showers handsome return.
  6. No Long-term Goals?
    Marketing is a strategy that is needed to be nourished and implemented carefully with precision. If your marketing team is not eyeing a singular goal instead is working on daily-basis tasks only, you immediately need to collaborate with an external agency. These vendors are known to set SMART goals for your organization, streamlining each effort to accomplish the desired objective.

If your business isexperiencing any of the above- mentioned trouble, outsource your marketingdivision right away!

Ending Statement

The conundrum of outsourcing-backed marketing is justifiably a big spectacle for the business world. You own a business, you are the decision-maker, and it is up to you to drive your marketing division towards outsourcing or not. Go through the above discussion and see whether your organization qualifies for outsourcing the marketing function or not.

If facing any difficultyin comprehension, reach us in the comment section below. Thanks!

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