Ways Automation and Outsourcing Work Parallel to Each Other

Jun 25,2019 by Prachi Priya

Robots have revolutionized the ways businesses operate. Without the risk of any business menace, automated functions today offer numerous perks to the business. This is the reason Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next wave helping companies grow tremendously.

Outsourcing firms know that customers want updated service and thus including automated functions is the need of the hour.

However, automated functions reduce human interference, which makes talks rife that it will soon end outsourcing!

So, is automation the next outsourcing?

Well, automation is certainly an outsourcing part where an automated bot/robot is outsourced to perform business activities.

However, reducing human interference does not mean eating up employment through outsourcing, but it is all about freeing the in-house staff to focus on productive functions that can help in business development.

Automated robots help to perform all the repetitive tasks that do not demand human interference.

This is why there is no threat to the outsourcing industry, as automated bots act as a helping hand for the business agents and are not their replacements. Several productive responsibilities need a human presence, which marks the significance of having a workforce.

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With the revolution in business tasks with automated services, BPO providers enthusiastically integrate RPA functions to boost customer experience. The ever-increasing sophisticated technologies embark the significance of integrating new technologies to use for customer satisfaction. Outsourcing companies have therefore started using RPA technology to boost deliveries to customers.

Check out the ways both outsourcing and RPA work in parallel to each other to offer enriched results to customers:

Limiting Repetitive Tasks with RPA

Monotonous tasks are non-productive and limiting the in-house resource to look after it is not a good idea. It’s better to automate the tedious responsibilities with RPA so that a bot perform these tasks and the in-house experts are free to focus on other productive activities.

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Outsourcing companies very well know that RPA can handle repetitious tasks without any error and thus, its use is necessary.

The best part about RPA is that it recognizes repetition and errors through deep learning, where algorithms suggest following human examples. These examples are included on a prior basis, which makes the bot intelligent to predict necessary steps.

Using RPA as Administrative Assistants

Businesses generally hire outsourced agents, as they want administrative assistance. Moreover, they are aware that the traditional approach can be time-consuming and to bring enriched experience to the customers, it is better to integrate RPA to perform business duties in half the time.

RPA technology helps business process outsourcing companies check emails and log out when needed for security check, it gives supervisors’ insight on changes required for business productivity and much more. All these highlights the need of RPA for companies today.

Meeting Compliance Standards

We generally hear that RPA is the end of outsourcing and will create unemployment. However, both work side-by-side as RPA performs all the monotonous tasks that were earlier time taking for the outsourcing firms. Automated services nowhere have the objective to end manual requirement.

Since RPA automates complex tasks, it helps businesses in meeting compliance and editing information bring required outcomes that abide by the business regulation.

With the ease RPA offers, it establishes a rapport between both the outsourcing and collaborating firm.

Outsourcing Companies Leverage RPA to Get Scaled Services

The specific requirements that partners expect of outsourcing companies must work at scale. RPA helps to highlight customer requirements and thereafter function as a tool for scalability.  

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At times of huge demand, automated services help to operate with multiple bots and deliver services accurately on time to the customers benefitting their satisfaction and boosting the brand image of the outsourcing company.

This way RPA delivers astounding results to business customers.

Reduced Costs for the Outsourcing Company

Aligned together, RPA helps to limit outsourcing expenditures. It reduces equipment necessity and progresses business outcomes.

This way reducing expenses for the outsourcing firms, it further decreases fees for businesses too, as they work on agreements with outsourcers, which changes with time.

Automated solutions are today changing relationships, and is boosting humans and machines to work together to bring enhanced results. Guaranteeing heightened customer satisfaction, robotic process automation is an affordable solution that every business currently requires.  

Thank you for reading!

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