How Does IoT Help The Automotive Sector Show A Glimpse Of The Future?

Aug 07,2019 by Rahul Garg

IoT (internet of things) devices have transformed our lives tremendously. IoT has a long way to go, as this tech promises many things like smart homes and offices. This tech-force has the potential to turn fanciful things into real ones.

These days, the automobile industry is investing so much time and money in contemplation of showing customers/car lovers what is coming ahead.

Today, IoT enables drivers to assess engine performance, manage air temperature, etc. The involvement of applications of IoT is going to increase in the automotive sector.

According to one recent report, the number of connected cars will hit the 300 million mark by 2025. Another report says, by 2023, the global automotive IoT market will reach USD 106.32 billion. If these reports are to be believed, it should be safe to say that IoT is going to make a very big statement.

Another thing that falls into place, with regard to IoT in the automobile sector, is high-speed mobile networks like 5G which are going to be introduced really soon, which means drivers are likely to have a whale of a time.

IoT is already showing us a glimpse of the future. Here are some of its interesting applications:

1. Amazing infotainment system  

The thing that makes the driving experience pleasant is ‘high-tech infotainment system’. With IoT, automobile companies are aiming to come up with fantastic infotainment systems. For the same, Google has already partnered with many automakers to deploy its apps like Google Maps, Google Assistant, etc. into the infotainment system of newly manufactured cars. Same goes for Apple.

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Through IoT enabled infotainment system, drivers can get real-time traffic reports and trip reports easily. Plus, speech to text functionality also helps drivers to give a response to incoming messages without being distracted while driving, and this dwindles the odds of accidents.

It is also being said that cars coming in the near future will be equipped with better telematics solutions, which as a positive corollary, uplift the driving experience.

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2. Predictive maintenance technology to prevent expensive repairs

Another amazing application of IoT is, ‘Predictive maintenance technology’.  Due to this, car owners can avert expensive repairs easily. Thanks to IoT connectivity tools, predictive maintenance technology collects data on how different parts of a car are performing and then transfers it to the cloud.

After that, the chances of malfunctioning with respect to the car’s hardware or software are evaluated. In case some sort of fault is found, a notification is sent to the driver regarding necessary service or repair in order to pre-empt mishaps.

By virtue of IoT connectivity tools, all the hassles which breakdowns can possibly cause can be skipped.

3. IoT-enabled updates for smooth and safe driving

One thing that can be seen clearly is that cars have become software- and data-centric. To make sure that drivers don’t face any hassle during the ride, it is significant to provide periodic updates. The salience of this factor shouldn’t be underestimated, for instance, if you don’t get software updates on your smartphone, there is a likelihood you can encounter issues related to security, performance, or anything unexpected. Likewise, if your car doesn’t get timely software updates, some unexpected problems can happen.     

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These days, automobile companies can heave a sigh of relief as they can send IoT-enabled updates, which can easily upgrade cars’ software, fix hidden bugs, update new routes in installed maps, and so forth. As a positive consequence, car owners get a smooth and safe driving experience.

Sending over-the-air (OTA) software updates is extremely important, as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. If industry reports are anything to go by, more than 10 million lines of critical software codes are what today’s cars are based on. This should be enough to understand why updates powered by the internet of things are important.


IoT definitely has the potential to revolutionize the automobile industry, and its applications are doing wonders already. We have just scratched the surface of how important IoT applications are in the automotive sector.

There is a high possibility that we will see the magic of IoT applications on a large scale in the near future. Currently, big companies like Jaguar, Audi, Nissan, etc. are offering ‘Connected cars’. But that time is not too far when connected cars won’t be rare anymore.

Due to high economic benefits and customer acceptance, more and more automobile companies are showing interest in internet of things (IoT).

And it would be exciting to see how automotive brands like Tesla offer IoT-powered cars at a budget-friendly price, isn’t it?

Much thanks for reading!

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