How Cloud Computing Is Growing during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Apr 28,2020 by Admin
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The COVID-19 pandemic has shook the world to its very core. It has spared no country and has affected the developed and under-developed alike. It has forced businesses to shut down, people to remain at home, and made social distancing a new norm.

With the physical world on halt, people have shifted towards the digital world for their daily tasks. With billions turning to technology to keep themselves entertained, continue their office work from home, and perform other major tasks online, the contribution of cloud technology has proven to be a worthy presence in the world.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is when your applications access information from a cloud-based server instead of a locally present physical server. The entire idea of cloud computing rests on the availability of high-speed internet such as that you get from Wave internet.

Basically, if you need a large storage capacity, instead of spending a significant amount of money to maintain a huge infrastructure for yourself, you can turn to the services of cloud-based storage companies and store your data online.

How is it Helping in Remote Work?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has forced many employers to ask their employees to work from home. In such a scenario, cloud computing is proving to be a valuable asset where you have limited physical access to your office resources.

Whether you are a marketing business, eCommerce business, SEO agency, or an engineering company, or any other organization for that matter, cloud computing can prove useful for you.

People who need to access data from virtual servers can easily do so at home without any hassle. Many platforms such as Trello, Zoom, HelpDesk, TeamViewer, and are allowing employees to stay connected online and accomplish their tasks.

How is it Helping the Healthcare Industry?

Cloud computing is also proving to be a valuable resource for the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 crisis. Many healthcare professionals are seeking help from cloud-based solutions in order to keep sensitive data secure and easily accessible.

Furthermore, it is playing a huge role in keeping telemedicine and telehealth sector alive. When people are unable to get access to the medicine and professionals in person, they can still access them digitally with the help of these services, which is only made possible because of cloud computing.

You might find it surprising but cloud computing is also proving to be a valuable resource in the development of COVID vaccine. This is because vaccine development needs a lot of data analysis and cloud computing is really helpful in this regard. In fact, using the Oracle cloud computing technology and vaccine technology, an Australian university has been able to study COVID-19 and is using this information to come up with a vaccine.

How is it Satisfying the Need to Be Entertained?

People all over the world are constantly in search of new ways to keep them entertained in times when there is very little that they can do outside. They are turning towards services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more to indulge in movie marathons and TV show binges.

These services owe it all the cloud computing technologies for the attention they are getting these days. These platforms have thousands of hours of content on their platforms to provide to keep their customers entertained with all sorts of genres. This again is only made possible because of the availability of cloud computing capacity.

How is it Sustaining eCommerce?

Being restricted to your homes does not mean that you don’t need any daily groceries, medicine, or other items for your homes. When you cannot step outside to buy these things from the locations you used to, online retailers are proving to be valuable and worthy substitute.

Virtual inventories of these online stores are filled with millions of products that belong to all sorts of categories including groceries, appliances, non-perishables, and so much more. Such a collection requires an enormous storage capacity, which is only provided by cloud computing services.

Furthermore, online purchases include people sharing their sensitive details and other personal information. Cloud computing is more than capable of keeping this information secure and encrypted so that no one falls prey to any form of cyber-crime or threats.

How is it Keeping People Connected?

Almost everyone is busy scrolling through their social media when there is little else to do. They are spending time on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others to sense the feeling of staying connected with their loved ones.

These platforms are flooded with all sorts of data on a constant basis from all corners of the world. Such a storage and computing capacity would not have been possible without the availability of cloud computing. Thanks to it, people can easily and instantly access all sorts of content they want to on these platforms.

In Conclusion

A significant credit goes to the cloud technologies for helping people retain functionality and maintain their sanity during the COVID-19 pandemic. We do not know when this crisis will be over, but until such a time arrives when it is truly over, we can rely on cloud computing technology to help us stay connected and continue with our lives, albeit digitally.

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