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Jun 26,2019 by Guest Author

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If you want to promote your business in Japan, France, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa, choose the appropriate low-cost web hosting service. Whenever we need the best server hosting plans or the right choice of hosting service, two names are taken into account, namely Linux Web Hosting and Windows web hosting. These are different hosting plans. When we think of the superiority of web hosting or want the cheapest web hosting plans, choose Onlive Server hosting company. Let’s discuss various factors of Linux web server hosting plans. Some of the features are higher security of server, reliability, best performance parameters, cost-effective and widely supported technologies.

Server Access, Security and Protection

With Linux Cheap Web Hosting you can access your web server via FTP. Linux is the safer and more practical server, especially when you choose this type of server for Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the USA and South Africa. When trying to access your server, Linux VPS hosting is much better than Windows. Although Windows also allows SSH services, it works much slower than its settings.

Reliability and Durability Hosting plans –

Linux web server is considered extremely reliable when it comes to determining availability. Web hosting and shared web hosting are mainly used for online business. When it comes to reliability and availability, Windows is not much better than its challenger. Perhaps this is why most websites are hosted on shared web hosting or Linux Web Hosting.

Guaranteed Service

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Linux servers are sometimes considered safer than shared web hosting. They hardly ever need to be restarted and most layout changes can be made without rebooting.

Free Technical Support Service –

Technical support largely depends on who you choose to host your website. If you need an industry level service to host your website, you should discuss it with the support team of a hosting company to confirm that it can provide the level of support that you need.


The price of Linux Web Hosting is cheaper than in Windows, and shared web hosting is also cheaper than Linux web hosting. For this reason, most webmasters prefer to buy this inexpensive web hosting. Although in reality, it costs less for Windows hosting for business.

Of course, if you are choosing a better cloud hosting service based entirely on your needs and specifications. you need to choose our server hosting plans for Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and South Africa location. Windows is expensive, but offers greater reliability, while Linux has some features that are used very often. Windows-based VPS hosting in South Africa is the best solution if reliable and cheap hosting services are needed. In fact, most people who use Linux hosting barely get to those interested in Windows hosting. So this is something you need to clarify with the hosting company, which you choose for both services.

Onlive Server is a leader in web hosting. This provides a wide range of Linux web hosting, shared web hosting and Windows-based web hosting offers at very reasonable prices. The company offers the cheapest and ideal server hosting plans for small and medium enterprises. Onlive Server has become a world leader in Linux web hosting services. The company offers a variety of shared hosting packages to meet every need.

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In addition to fast servers, Onlive Server offers the best Windows web hosting solutions. We currently offer several Linux hosting plans and Windows plans to make sure there is something for everyone. Get any package and start your personal / business web application now!

Visit our website to learn more about Linux Web Hosting / Windows Web Hosting.

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