AI & IOT Evolves At The Core Of Innovation

Mar 18,2019 by Aishwarya Srivastava
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Back in 2018, when Sophia,a humanoid robot, sang a duet with Jimmy Fallon at his show, the whole worldwas in awe of how the robotic intelligence showcased human emotions whileperforming a song. The creator, David Hanson not just invented artificialintelligence that mirrors human intelligence, but also enabled it to show humanemotions.

This is a majorbreakthrough in the technology world, and is just a teaser of what is about tobecome a reality. While science fiction, a popular genre of movies and books,has already elaborated about how AI is soon to be at the forefront of techinnovations; the future holds a lot more. The endless possibilities that thistechnology is bound to turn into reality are fascinating, and have opened up awhole new subject of debate for techies.

Artificial intelligence initself is a giant leap in the technology world. Combining it with inventionslike IoT has further aided in utilizing the full potential of bothtechnologies. Whilst IoT connects two or more physical objects, actuators,sensors, platforms, and networks to enable data transmission for variedapplications; AI is capable of analyzing even critical information with ease tooffer valuable insights that can aid in making highly informed and productivedecisions.

Transforming Business Operations

In the past decade, thedynamics of the business world have evolved rapidly with the upsurge ofcompetition; majorly due to startups expanding to new verticals andsuccessfully capturing huge market shares. In this scenario, to steal a lead,businesses are rooting for innovations that enable smart data exchange; whileanalyzing the same and offering observations that can be further deployed formaking amendments that can be remunerative.

Adeptly meeting this requirement, AI and IoT together enhance the operational efficiency of business processes, maintaining the highest order of efficiency through and through. Merging Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things is a development that is playing a key role in the growing operational efficiency of commercial organizations across diverse business verticals. The purpose of combining both the technologies was to create smart machines that can make analytical decisions with negligible or no human support.

Enhancing Efficiency in Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing units have evolved from dovetailed workers and mechanically operated machinery to an exceptional blend of tech innovations with little support rendered by human operators. Today, the premises of a manufacturing business comprise of inventive technologies like robotic arms that are often controlled remotely; all thanks to in-built IoT sensors and AI. While the application of artificial intelligence and IoT in manufacturing enables precise monitoring of operations, it also aids in diligent assessment and resolution of possible miscues.

The innovative fusion ofboth technologies facilitates the compilation of data and implementation ofalgorithms to predict operational anomalies and enable timely resolution.Gradually, via machine learning, the AIIOT (Artificial Intelligence of theInternet of Things) starts recognizing external and internal factors that leadto a particular glitch.

This information is analyzedover a period of time and is deployed for required repair and adjustments. Thepredictive maintenance initiated via AIIOT reduces possibilities of downtimeand systemic failures, thus boosting the operational efficiency of themanufacturing units whilst significantly streamlining operations.

Upgrading Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Just like every industry, healthcare and pharmaceuticals also generate a massive amount of data in the form of medical reports, prescriptions, patient history, medicinal formulations, and pharma manufacturing details. This data needs to be not just recorded but also analyzed to administer treatment as per a patient’s history and manufacture medicinal formulations. There are many other tasks related to data accumulation in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which is why the application of artificial intelligence and IoT seems pragmatic.

The advent of thistechnology has aided in not just administering the best treatment to patients,but has also helped professionals understand medical cases in a better way.Apart from all this, the fusion of these technologies is also deployed topredict fitness and health issues. AIIOT powered devices like Fitbit offervaluable information regarding the activity and fitness levels of individuals;thus generating reports regarding the possibilities of diseases andpreventative measures, helping users stay hale and hearty for a long time.

AI & IoT Innovation Meets Education

Education is thefoundation of a healthy society that is capable of birthing professionals andindividuals who can succeed in various domains, contributing to socioeconomicdevelopment. This is the reason why innovation in teaching methods is crucial,considering the rapid transformation that we, as a society, are undergoing.

Today, educational institutes aren’t just reforming the way of imparting knowledge to pupils, but are also advancing to the educational system of digital classrooms. In this aspect, technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT are deemed to be immensely helpful. Schools across metropolitans like Beijing are integrating technologies like AIIOT in their teaching methods to make classroom sessions more engaging and productive.

The AIIOT Advantage

As AI brings crucialmachine learning and intelligence to IoT, the possibility to reap maximumbenefits of both the technologies expands. The deluge of leverages that AIIOToffers as a technological fusion has made it a buzzword that is impactingnumerous industries.

Let’s examine some majorimplications that AIIOT brings to the table in order to attain a betterunderstanding of this innovation and its advantages.

  • As you must be aware, artificial intelligence application enables processes like data analysis, image recognition, and language processing. These processes, with the aid of the Internet of Things, can facilitate logical reasoning and decision making, at a much faster pace than the human workforce can possibly accomplish. This certainly empowers organizations to enhance their operational competency and make decisions that are highly cogent, with almost negligible scope for errors.
  • The interdependence of bothtechnologies results in precise, prescriptive, and predictive analytics thatcan be deployed to modify operations, products, and services. This turns out tobe a transformative impact that works in favor of the growth and development oforganizations.
  • In the piles of data received viathe interconnected IoT devices, AI integration helps in segregatingtime-sensitive information that needs to be processed expeditiously. Thisfurther aids in the reduction of pending tasks that are urgent and are capableof immensely affecting the overall operational competence.

There are a lot moreadvantages that have contributed to reinforcing the position of AIIOT in datamanagement and processing. As we delve into this topic, it is crucial torealize how transformative this technological fusion is for not just industrialverticals and corporates but also our day to day lives. In fact, we aren’t farfrom the day when AIIOT will become a part of our routine. Interconnecteddevices will run our day, taught by machine learning and implementations of AIto boost our productiveness and even health.

Recently, a prominentmedical device company launched a mobile application to make pacemaker datamore accessible for the patient as well as their treatment providers. This isjust one example of how AIIOT can bring about monumental changes in the way welive.

Can you imagine how groundbreaking it can be for the treatment of patients with chronic heart conditions? It can boost the survival rate of patients and can even help them lead a highly healthy life by consistently offering valuable insights to bring changes in lifestyle as well as medication. This tech fusion sure is about to evolve our world in endless ways, as evidenced by its growing involvement in different walks of life. AIIOT shall soon be at the core of innovations that shall surround our day to day schedule, from our home to our workplace.

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