4 Companies That Changed Their World With Cloud

Feb 20,2019 by Akriti Sharma

Today’s digital world is a compendium of interwoven technologies, with software-mediated functions rapidly boosting an organization’s growth. The prevalence of digital devices in consumers’ hands has led organizations to expand their businesses with futuristic and innovative insights! The ubiquitous cloud shares computing resources featuring deep and secure storage, high computing power and excellent latency with its users.

Cloud: Where will it take us?

For controlling the complex convolutions involved in thinking processes from writing poems to app invention, the neocortex dictates all the action, and as a technological allegory, so does the cloud! Their similarity in predicting behavior modules, action patterns, and process implementation that’s handled equally well with cloud technology, resulted in “How to Create a Mind”, a fantastic book by Ray Kurzweil!

He opines that shrinking world technologies have made the cloud the artificial personification of the neocortex of human brains, and projects it as an extension to it in the future. With cloud technology and mankind’s need of data processing converging, the requirement of huge computing power at any place can be met within a second or two with the accessible nature of the cloud!

1 – HCL Technologies paired up with IBM for hybrid cloud:               

HCL has proclaimed new refactoring services for application migration on to the IBM Cloud. IBM offers managed services for easing the customer’s cloud journey with complete portfolio assessment. It also offers dedicated platform features for building system applications, and for transformation of engineering features. HCL, in collaboration with the IBM hybrid cloud, has altered the cloud journey for its customers quite well!

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Hybrid cloud embodies cloud strategy designing, application features, proof-of-concept building and devising next-generation cloud features for development services, which can be extended widely. For HCL customers, the hybrid cloud offers better access to IBM tools with methodologies that are unified for better capabilities. Undoubtedly, this collaboration of HCL and IBM has come up as a joint solution for taking future AI capabilities further!

2 – Pearson uses cloud for bringing digital textbooks to life for kids’ learning:

When the education business vertical of Pearson was innovating their practices, they realized that the cloud was the answer. Their new cloud platform provided them new ways for teaching, which are personalized for every student’s interests. Pearson’s data is completely handled for academic and technological needs by partnering with Microsoft for their cloud offerings, including the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 development system and Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

Additionally, with cloud technology, Pearson can handle Azure SQL data by telling the educators about in-depth analyses of student performances on a regular basis. All major events such as student data transfer, creation, or sharing content, and overall data management—are easily analyzed. Plus, the lectures are tracked and improved according to student performance & feedback!

3 – Delhaize America in partnership with IBM Cloud:

The Ahold Delhaize Group of grocery chains has deployed Big Data analytics and shifted operations on to the cloud for learning sales impact across their stores and sales outlets. In partnership with the IBM cloud for its technology needs, Delhaize America has garnered the best cloud infrastructure for enhancing the customer engagement and loyalty as well as boosting the chain’s potency. The company now operates on the “data first” strategy: that customer has a thinking attitude, and they need to take that into account!

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As Delhaize engages in food wholesaling through stores in its sales network and also in nonfood selling of products (like pet products), it realized that new applications benefitted from integration points being generated by IBM’s cloud and enhanced their business. With updated, well-adapted features, streamlined processes and maximum customized engagement for their business customers, IBM’s cloud manages new revenue streams quite well for Delhaize’s business growth!

4 – Grab & Microsoft Announce Partnership for AI and Cloud Technology:

Grab, one of Asia’s largest ride-hailing food-delivery and logistics companies, predominantly offers managed services, improved further with AI and cloud partnerships with Microsoft.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning allowed Grab to offer consistent cloud-driven features to consumers by augmenting Grab’s security options. With this partnership, Grab has access to Microsoft Azure cloud platform and analytics. All the fraud detection functions are handled with Grab and Microsoft partnership. Image recognition and parallel processing technology permits the company to detect and integrate driver’s locations with correct utilities and fewer complications.


Undoubtedly, the “Cloud” is one of the foremost evolutions in technology in recent decades, and it has rightly been able to transform this era. With advancements in cloud computing, humankind has discovered a whole new world of service-based augmentations to life.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn weren’t household names a mere decade ago. However, the cloud landscape has caused a paradigm shift. New structures built on cloud technology are more agile in offering solutions. As exemplified by the organizations listed above that realized and incorporated innovative ways of driving business growth with cloud, so can you, especially with Cyfuture by your side!

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