5 Golden Tips to Make Outbound Lead Generation a Cakewalk

Dec 21,2019 by Admin

Marketing is the way to bring your business into the public’s eye. The more effective marketing would be, the higher will be the marketing significance of your business. Now, when we talk about marketing, two things get into our minds. One is inbound marketing, and the other is outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing, wherein businesses use billboards, TV commercials, newspaper ads, and many such means to promote their businesses. Though many people think that it has started losing its sheen in the wake of the digital revolution, it is not true by all means. It is still as effective as it was a decade ago.

Even today, it is the spine of every B2B business as it impacts your revenue generation in various ways. Its role in boosting the impact of marketing activities can be explained as:

It enables a business to gain richer and clearer prospect profiles – Outbound lead generation process enables a business to gain insight into the richer and clearer customer profile. You will be able to find out the answers to queries like which customer chunk is interested in which service, what customer base likes which product the most, and which customer base is loyal towards you.

Using this, you can do targeted marketing more efficiently, and with extended reach.

Here are our experts’ tips for leveraging lead generation through outbound marketing workflow:

Try to bring inbound and outbound over a single place

If we observe closely, the three most important ways to generate a lead are content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. All of these are inbound methods and can’t be ignored due to high-result yielding ability. However, one can’t deny the fact that all these three demands detailed efforts. You need to publish the relevant content, create backlinks, and approach influencers to yield desired results.

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If you want to leverage it further, then the ideal way is to club inbound and outbound marketing and use them intelligently. Gather the demographics details from tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, and try to do more location-specific targeting.

For instance, you can find out from which part of the country you are getting queries regarding the free consultation. Based on this, you can buy a business VoIP system, a phone service with the local area code of that particular region, and start offering free on-phone consultation. This type of targeted outbound marketing, with the help of inbound marketing, enables a business to drive more and more leads on their post-click landing pages.

Make every outflow data-driven and updated

We all know that what wonders business data can do to your business. However, the key here is the updated and sorted data usages. If your business data is sorted and streamlined, then half the battle is already won. To ensure that your data list is updated, you must:

1. Follow stick data validation rules in every outbound workflow.
2. Make sure lead capture forms are properly filled and are taken into account only after cross-checking.

Adhere to a regular data-check at a scheduled time.

Ensure that all types of data errors like duplicate values, missing values, or overlapped data should not be taken into account.

The data is segregated as per the department and key business areas. To simplify this process, you can add different extensions to your primary business phone system. As the customer will press the relevant key on the IVR, all the data related to that section will be auto-diverted to that extension.

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Make sure that there is a constant communication flow

If you want to have a long-lasting impression on your customers, then having constant communication is the key. Whether you are using emails or US phone numbers to communicate with the customers, the content and the way of pitching it should be almost the same. Also, taking regular follow-ups ensure that you never go out from the customers’ minds.

Never ignore the significance of live telephonic conversation

No matter how much today’s tech-driven business world supports emails and digital marketing, no one can engage with the customers better as a live telephonic conversation does. Its role in lead generation is crucial and can’t be ignored. But, with the changed time, the role of outbound calls has also changed.

Now, business phone systems are not used solely for telemarketing. Rather they are used to respond to customer queries, engage customers better, and verify the information gathered via an inbound method. Hence, you should consider each call received/made an opportunity to generate a lead.

Also, one should hire the power-packed VOIP phone system & service and implement it diligently.

The outbound workflow may have changed its course of action since the digitization has happened. It is still relevant and can be used to pump-up the lead generation process at every front. Follow these tips and see the wonder happening.

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