Cyfuture designated as Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Cyfuture (India) Pvt. Ltd., announced today that it has been designated a Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Its special status with Microsoft signifies that Cyfuture (India) Pvt. Ltd s is a company that can serve as an expert technology partner for small businesses, with special understanding of their particular needs, as well as solutions that support their business objectives.

Cyfuture (India) Pvt. Ltd is extremely pleased with its status as a new Small Business Specialist, said Sandeep Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Cyfuture. He added that "This special designation allows us to effectively promote ourselves to customers as having proven expertise in delivering high-value, software solutions for small businesses".

The designation also affords Cyfuture a rich set of benefits from Microsoft, including access to training specifically designed for the small-business industry, small-business marketing materials for reuse, special partner offers, and the ability to use the Small Business Specialist logo in marketing materials, which can help give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Mr. Sharma informed that Company has also started the Gurgaon facility where company plans to start the software wing in a big way as the current focus of the facility is to handle BPO Call Centre operations from there with a capacity of 120 agents round the clock.

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