The online world is quite dynamic and vast. If you want your business to stand out of the competition, a targeted and efficient form of a digital campaign is required.

Placing your business right in front of people who are searching for your product/service is the key to remain steps ahead in the online market. Search Engine Marketing is the process that empowers businesses to advertise at the right place and time.

Using SEM, you can smartly allocate your spending on the keyword-centric and consumer-targeted campaigns. You can purchase the ads on search engines and can direct your business to reach the consumers who are interested in knowing more about your product/service.

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The USPs of SEM are

  • Hiked online visibility

    A majority of the customers (90%) do not go beyond the first page of Google search. So, a persuasive search engine marketing plan will land your business website on the first SERP.

  • Speedy results

    Organic approach is quite effective but it is not capable to generate quick results. Paid campaigns, once launched, will start putting your ads in front of the relatable audience instantaneously, rendering a quicker outcome.

  • Precise approach

    SEM or PPC (pay per click) campaigns can be customized with respect to particular locations and to consumers who are searching your product/service using specific keywords or phrases. This makes your campaign more accurate, reaching to people who actually require your offerings.

  • Assessable outcomes

    Perhaps the most appealing aspect of SEM is that each step is checkable. From assessing how many impressions have you hit to what percentage of conversion you accomplished, everything can be tracked down. It makes your expenditure visible in terms of performance.

Cyfuture provides your business with scalable, measurable, customized, and compelling SEM solutions that can fill your sales funnel to with relatable leads. Our vision is to make businesses of every industry reach the correct batch of an audience with maximum effectiveness. We have competent SEM agents who will make such impactful campaigns that your online visibility is going to reach at an astounding level in no time.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Taking smart spending decisions

Unlike the conventional advertising strategies, where massive investment is required and still there is no certainty of expected results, PPC is a sure-shot tactic that assures every penny of business is spent on the relatable consumers only.

PPC ensures that you only pay when a person clicks on your campaign advertisement. Using Google AdWords, you can find the most relatable and most searched keywords for your product/service. This helps you to target only specific phrases and terms to reach the people who require your offerings.

Basically, PPC offers businesses with

  • Superior Leads

    The people that will be directed to your website will be the only ones who actually seek your product/service. In a nutshell, an infusion of closable leads.

  • Affordable

    You only pay for what you require and there are absolutely zero hidden charges. Quite useful for small organizations.

  • Elevated Visibility

    Paid ads will provide your business with an assured top place in the SERPs.

Our offerings

PPC marketing

Our team is involved in executing effective PPC Ad campaigns on:


Our SEM professionals will make sure to pour in closable leads for your business by running productive Google Ads. Your business will get:

  • Highly proficient team
  • Better outcomes
  • More traffic to the website
  • Improved brand image


We provide a comprehensive Bing Ad management service for your business. The highlights are:

  • Close monitoring
  • A constant check on the conversion rate
  • Call tracking
  • Effective handling of Bing Ads

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Our experts run engaging and effective PPC campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The benefits are:

  • Specific targeting
  • Affordable campaigns
  • Customization as per the audience’s demographics
  • Traceable performance indicators

Retargeting and Remarketing

In order to expand the reach of PPC campaigns and bring maximum conversion, persuasive retargeting and remarketing approach is taken. It offers:

  • Superior returns
  • High-grade output
  • The best approach using impeccable A/B testing methods
  • Maximum satisfaction

Google Product Listing

SEM professionals will assist you in listing your products on Google using Google Merchant Account. This will:

  • Draw more traffic
  • Bring enhanced revenue
  • Ensure better and measurable results

Our Approach

Being a prominent SEM service provider, Cyfuture promises an effective utilization of your money to draw relatable and high quality leads to your business. Our professionals first understand your business requirements and then devise a specifically targeted plan.

Here are the steps showing how we provide SEM solutions to business industries

  • STEP 1

    Keyword exploration

    Depending on your business sector and the product/service you offer, we discover the keywords and phrases that have the highest search volume. For instance, if you have a catering business, our experts would identify the most searched keywords related to your industry.

  • STEP 2

    Devising smart advertisements

    After researching keywords, we generate compelling ad campaigns that are filled with interesting, relatable, informative, and first-rate content to attract the consumers. These ads will redirect the potential customers to your business website, increasing the purchase probability.

  • STEP 3


    Once the campaign is running, we will make sure if the leads that are pouring in your website are pertinent or not. We have an adept team that will stand with you throughout the campaign to ensure that your business goals are met.

  • STEP 4

    Assessment of work

    One of the greatest aspects of SEM campaigns is that you get loads of data about the visitors to your website. Our professionals will provide you with a meticulous report that includes the analysis of visitors’ data, which offers valuable insights for your business.

Our Team

Mainly our unit of SEM experts will

  • Setup the campaigns
    for your business

  • Define your
    campaign goals

  • Generate conversion
    tracking in Google Analytics

  • Do geo-targeting
    if required

  • Ensure ad creation
    and ongoing testing

  • Perform bid
    optimization and

  • Assist in
    landing page design
    and optimization

  • Offer frequent
    analysis and reporting

  • Provide lowest

Why Us?

  • Superior CTR and conversion
  • Analytics ServicesHiked online brand image
  • An inflow of better leads
  • Cost-effective
  • Completely traceable campaigns
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