Mobile Websites and Marketing


Today, when more than 80% of the internet users own a smartphone, having a mobile-friendly website and a stupendous mobile marketing plan has become an essentiality for businesses.

A lot of fortune500 companies are now utilizing mobile websites to widen their audience’s reach and communicate in a much-personalized manner about their offerings.

So if you haven’t opted for the mobile website and marketing, it is time you implement the same for your business to increase the reach and experience a rise in sales.

Cyfuture is one of the premier companies that is engaged in offering mobile websites and marketing solutions to businesses across globe. Our designers, coders, and digital experts optimize your website in compliance with the mobile platforms. We have gained an immense expertise in adhering mobile websites with different operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Not only our experts will refurnish your website in terms of visibility and user ability, but they will also undertake the aspect that mobile surfing is quite distinctive than desktop’s/laptop’s perspective.

The overall aim of our services is to offer an impeccable user experience to your customers when they visit your website on a smartphone.

What do we offer?

Being one of the prodigious names in offering mobile websites and marketing services, Cyfuture empowers your business to reach out to your target audience via numerous advertising alternatives. With the help of our extensive experience in the domain and diligent workforce, we ensure to harness the power of the mobile platform to help your business achieve heights of success.

Our range of services includes

Optimization services

Cyfuture’s experts will understand your business requirement and will accordingly transform your website into a mobile-friendly platform. We provide optimization services to businesses that are trying to tap the mobile market. The mobile-friendly websites created by our coders and designers will be highly responsive and will boost the mobile traffic phenomenally.

Mobile web marketing

More and more people are now browsing the internet using their smartphones. This raises the significance of mobile web marketing incredibly. Being a leader in this industry, we have specialists who possess know-how of what advertisements transform best and kind of mobile websites that pull the traffic most. Thus, we provide your business with a persuasive marketing campaign that put up your brand’s ads on the websites that are specially designed for mobile viewers.

SMS Marketing

One of the most persuasive ways to interact with the customers is via text messaging. As per a study, 90% of the users read the text message within the 3 minutes of deliverance. Recognizing the importance of text messaging, Cyfuture is engaged in developing an SMS setup system that notifies customers regarding promotions and new product/service attributes, offers appointment and reservation reminders and do a lot more.

Push notifications

Push notifications are typically enabled by the users who download an app. So, for businesses having mobile apps or websites, push notification enables you to send messages at the top of the user’s screen. Our proficient experts will utilize push notifications along with application development to convey your business’s message to the users of the smartphone.

App store customization

No wonder, having an app for your business opens up a lot of new revenue generation opportunities. Marketing that revolves around applications empowers you to engage directly with your audience and consequently drive revenue. Now, where do you put up your app for users? In the app store right? It is important to know that there is tremendous competition in the app stores in terms of getting noticed. This is where Cyfuture steps in. Being a renowned mobile marketing player, we will help people to find your business application in the app store by incrementing your brand’s visibility.

In-game mobile marketing

Cyfuture understands your business objectives and then accordingly designs enticing in-game ads that link back to the specified landing pages. Businesses pay to get their ads featured in digital games in order to expand their reach and bolster a solid brand image. Our professionals hence place your ads in these digital games and then assess the web traffic, number of completed transactions and various other insightful information that help them to measure the success of your campaign correctly.

Social Media Ads

Social media is the fastest expanding marketing platform. Around 2.23 billion people are on Facebook every month. This shows the spread of opportunities that are available on social media daises for the businesses. Cyfuture holds a deft team of experts, which helps businesses to pull a large volume of mobile device users using a successful mobile marketing tactic on social media platforms.

Why Us?

  • Highly responsive websites
  • Better conversion rate
  • Stupendous mobile visibility
  • Extensive reach
  • Affordable solutions
  • Customization available
  • Prompt deliverance
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