Cyfuture-Backed Jodhpur DISCOM Warriors Help the Common Man in Monsoon

Cyfuture, an eminent service provider, which has the vision to render unmatched call center service to businesses of all sector has added another feather to its cap. On the 25th of July 2018, News 18 Rajasthan (also known as ETV Rajasthan), on its news bulletin appreciated the efforts of Jodhpur DISCOM in providing prompt and précised resolutions to the electricity-related queries of the customers in the season of heavy rain.

Cyfuture is a proud vendor for Jodhpur DISCOM for more than 3 years. Since Cyfuture always understands its client’s requirement, hence it has offered an unparalleled service on the client site. The diligent service agents of Cyfuture are handling back-to-back customer calls every day on the Jodhpur DISCOM premises. These calls are from the customers who experience difficulty in either electricity management, consumption, supply, and so on.

Jodhpur DISCOM encapsulates 10 districts and each of the customer’s calls is addressed by Cyfuture’s team, which is dedicatedly working to provide relief to the common people and avoid any sort of unprecedented event from happening.

Understanding the significance of the DISCOM process, Cyfuture assures a 24-hour uninterrupted assistance by offering deft professionals in 3 different shifts. Since a lot of electricity-related challenges emerge in the monsoon season, Cyfuture’s competent staff has already registered around 55000 complaints out of lakhs of customer’s calls in the last 15 days. These complaints are duly delegated to the concerned department depending on the urgency of the issue.

Cyfuture stands on its promise to render an uninterrupted and superior level service experience to its clients despite any adversities.

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