Cyfuture India Private Limited Appraised With CMMI Level 3 Maturity Rating Certificate

New Delhi, India - November 11th, 2014 Cyfuture India Private Limited, a leading provider of world class Data Center solutions and Managed Outsourcing services, has been assessed and appraised at Maturity Level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model. The certificate has been awarded to this company for the software discipline in accordance with Software Engineering Institute's CMMI- DEV V.1.3, Maturity Level 3. Scope of this certification spans across software, ecommerce website application design, development, testing and maintenance. The assessment and appraisal related to this certificate was conducted by Quality System Assessment International (QSA), UK.

CMMI is basically a structured and systematic process model framework conducted for process-improvement available in three patterns namely the CMMI - Development, CMMI - Services and CMMI - Acquisition. The CMMI assessment process evaluates and measures an organization’s compliance with Specific Practices (SPs) of Process Areas (PAs) defined within the CMMI Process Model Framework. Results of this evaluation are presented as Maturity Level Rating for the implementation of CMMI Framework in-line with Staged Representation. A lead appraiser of an SEI Certified Assessor carries out the assessment.

Cyfuture has recognized the importance of adaptive and repeatable processes and has accordingly undertaken the CMMI initiative. The company intends to provide its clients with exceptional quality, productivity and reliability in every service engagement. This will result in improved team communications, better project efficiency, faster project cycles and superior quality.

Mr. Anuj Bairathi, the CEO-cum-official spokesperson of Cyfuture India Private Limited cited that, “Our subscription to the CMMI- DEV V.1.3, Maturity Level 3 certification ensures that we comply with industry standards to drive quality initiatives. This standardization confirms that we comply with a defined set of processes which have been documented for future reference and revision. After vigilant contemplation, we have established this system to render consistency in every process performance across the length and breadth of our organization.”

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