Job Title

Chatbot Intern/Executive (“These positions are only available via the UK Kickstart scheme” )

Job Responsibilities

What we will train for and want the kickstarts to achieve........  
• Responsibilities include liaising with customers within a team environment related to Chat box on our customers' platforms. 
• Interact with clients for their technical requirements and communicating the requirement to the development team.  
• Process email requests, including prioritizing, writing proposal/negotiations/prepare project schedules, review and check procedures. 
• Meeting with clients virtually via e-mails, phones and/or video calls. 
• Negotiating deals within the business scope and maintaining customer satisfaction.  
• Proficient in handling verification activities. 
• Develop good analytical skills. 
• Proactive, punctual and reliable. 
• Answering queries offering advice and introducing new products.

• Working towards teams monthly and annual targets.  
• Update our internal databases with information about technical issues and useful discussions with customers.  

Skill Requirement

• Cybot – an artificial intelligence (AI) based chat bot solution. It is to automate customer experience with the best intelligence.  
• We are looking for trustworthy candidates to help our business activities for an expanding international customer base.  
• Candidates keen to learn and make a career in the Digital Marketing industry. 

Perks and Benefits

• 2 - 4 weeks of training on product/customer engagement/e-mail writing and professional communications will be taught by the organization. 
• Applicants will be trained and nurtured for the futuristic market of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

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